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Mourning Blades

Book / Fantasy


World Of Magic: Moon's Sorrow

Book / Fantasy

First of all book cover photo's not mine haha. Ctto.

Second, title is subject to change. Can't think of a good title haha.

Third of all, this is my third book, it is a fantasy book. Now I hope that I finish this book haha.

This story follows Cyke, a boy living in a town outside the kingdon who's eyes are longing for glimpses of the world's beauty. This wonderment of his however would lead him to meet a priestess who is a devotee of the moon which will drag Cyke and his 'childhood friend', Ayan to a world hidden from the most. A face off against a group within the shadows the priestess despises. And finally, this battle between them would reveal Cyke and Ayan a larger world. Their worlds's magic, history, wars, origin and secrets


Book / Science Fiction

The remaining pilots of an outcast war ship who are just trying to survive in deeps space will get themselves caught in a galactic conflict and finds the origin of the last apocalypse