Ceaseless Sentimental Dribble

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There's a possibility I contradict myself here
There a possibility I will read this later in disgust

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012






only unlike life this is a draft and is being reviewed, there will be rerun's.

I dont know what Im going to write about here, no plans as yet...

Fighting with rights and wrongs trying to comply with our notions of normality... We chase our dreams ...they follow us every night when we sleep

One thought starts before the one behind it ends, I gesture towards a half formed idea then conjecture off to other frothing bubbles of thought, before the notions form - words tie the knot, the flow of thoughts clot and undercut what I thought was valid but is only an overlap of crap - the product of an over active, undeveloped mind.
We walk backwards into the future, with no other direction in which too look but to what is gone, to others places in time - we become absorbed in an ocean of notions - blind sighted by what might come blinded by your efforts..
I stare at the clock, I turn down to face my watch and all I see are faceless threats. The clock hand's they point at us as they go round and round as we the things I do to try pretend im not missing peace of mind, as I leave pieces of thought scattered behind
New beginnings before old ends are tied, plans collapse, plans overlap, a routine once known becomes outgrown then falls into what once was, so we spew out new idea's and plans spanning to the next date, paving out for tomorrow.
We throw our hearts and minds like stones into water, causing ripples for our son's and daughters, without any sense of where we are going; but for the end at least we know what we will be missing - ongoing, fleeting moments receding into the past, experience fading to memory, memory fading into the the forgotton all the while the world continues to spin, oceans continue to sweep and kiss the shorelines, seasons relentlessly fusing and shifting.
Faced to suffer and enjoy these moments within one insulated , Things fall away then come back to where they do not belong, We can only second guess, we can never know for certain what one means when they say anything. Every choice we make is half chance and for the most we are without a more than a few , we are all going in the same direction, we suffer and endure every experience alone, regardless of the amount we try to share our efforts are in vien, we end as we start, alone and naked

New beginnings before old ends are tied, plans collapse, plans overlap, a routine once known becomes outgrown then falls through to what once was, so we spew out new idea's and plans spanning to the next date, paving out our own and everybody we interact withs fates as a coil of interweaving paths and doings

We all and always face an ongoing fuss, we rely on the expendable, we expend the resources and expand the expenditure, we solve overpopulation problems by growing more, by running faster by making more turning a blind eye to and forget to look back.
Where the elders all play dress up while they make up that we needa play catch up, in our effort to pretend all working under another in a carnival…hosting a jamboree of shamble.

I drift distantly from A to B between the points I can't think its pointless or in a constant stuttor to try be free, deja f**king vu sick of nothing newthe second i think its pointless is the second i miss it , clicken on to auto pilot, tuned off static






Plans are made,plans fade... Plans which were once in hand slip off like grains of sand each pebble finds a place to rest... lying in a trail of reminders,lieing only like a stream of broken promises could.Drowning in sticky notes, membership forms,I do not fight the days as they pass I just drop more plans and scatter dreams

of inaction stands as pointless reminders of all the care and hope I had passively invested ..only for inaction..


Passively observing, the body seizes...the heart freezes...When my chance to explain arrives it is already gone. I search for somthing I could say to convey my place but time freezes on me and runs off with everyone else, I get left behind, . and watch in silence as each new today comes too pass



effort we make to conceive the plans we have made the more pain we will breath.. dont waste promises.

I think the best way to go about it is try to stay on and in the moment its a rolling bouncing ball and sometimes it goes on without you

Clueless -we drft- picking up a little we dont think we know the pieces all can fit together. From the little experience we accumulate we assume conjectures beyond the rational - locked in the thought we are in control and that this is familiar we dont think we know that free will is not an illusion- we forget constantly that all that we think we are all just fleeting projections changing representations -



Clueless we drift, piecing it together while its falling apart, picking up a little we pretend we know a lot.

it wasnt until later i realised silence can say it all


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