Mr Anger

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Had this for a while. Cant get the feeling right.
A poem for you to enjoy

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



Angry at Mr time
His misdemeanors...
Making us miss it
Always stealing away
The presence of mr life

Angry at mr loss
Always bringing to my attention mr time
And inviting mr anger to mine
And then there is Mr might
and his misses miss possibilities
And permiscious friend mr maybe
With his misses miss direction
putting me off with mr erection
Angry at Mr anger,
Always making me feel this,
Angry at mr feeling for always feeling me up
Angry at mr notice
When he points at things I shouldnt see
Angry at mr me
For looking at who I wouldnt be
For getting lost in what could of been
Angry at mr choice's,
Because he has so many
Directions to go
Angry at that feeling; 'right'
When I want to turn to what is left
Because I never feel right
It's somewhere I cant go
Also angry at mr stillness
Because there is no mr stillness
Because he doesnt clear this illness
Because nothing can fill this
Angry at mr confusion
Always breaking mr stillness
Always cheating me
Greeting me meeting my fear
With mr illness
That we'll never be free
That we'll never kill this

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