Fame (Vanillaisicky's Contest Entry)

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The love that I have always craved, is worng, sick. It's not real love. The things I do, the things I want, are ugly yet I still want in. No matter how much I know that this will hurt me, and tear me apart I crave for it. I want this to consume me, and fill my lungs with itself. I want Fame...

Song: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Keywords: Snow, Lemons

They took me from my home, stripped me of my clothes and told me how much I would make them. I guess that was the beginning of my obsession, but I didn't know it at the time. My body had been displayed upon dealer after dealer, and I felt the christian scriptiers my mom had forced upon me chastin me for my sins. The devil will come after you, they whispered gleefuly. I washed the sins off my body, tried to scrub as hard as I could but then they came. The devils minions. They came to tell me I haad no choice in the matter, and that sooner or later I would give up. And everyday this would happen. I would wash myself, being the innocent girl I was, disgusted at the looks I had gotten. Mama would surley give me a beating for the things I have done. But even then, while thinking of her I felt myself giving in. I had accepted my fate. The little russian girl who had played in the sparklywhite snow was now drowning in red blood. (A/N: For those of you wh don't know hat I mean I'll tell you right now. As a child the main character was innocent. When I say the little girl played in sparkly white snow, it symbolizes her innocence. When I say she drowns in red blood, it's showing you that the world she has been taken to is taking away that innocence little by little. Sooner or later she'll have none of it left)

The drugs they put into my system, were too much for me to handle, but what could I do? It was me against them. So I gave up and let them do as these pleases. I obeyed their orders even though my innerself fought with me. So with the drugs, they minipulated me, like the puppet I was. I would dress in ther clothes, and cance for those men. They would sit their and observe my body, but it no longer bothered me anymore.

And that's when I figured that even through all my resistane and fighting, deep down I craved for the attention. All my life, I had none of that. I had been neglected as a child, so when these people gave me the chance to prove myslef, why wouldn't I like it? One man in particular caught my eye, and I couldn't help but get that flirtacious smile cover my face. This would be easy. Moving my hips seductively I danced for him, caresing him and whsipering softly for him. I could feel his pleasure radiating off of him. Oh yes, this would be easy.

Leading him to the room, I pleased him as any man would ever want to be. The feel of his hands on me was enough to have me grind in on him. His pleas and moans raised my confidence. Where had this girl with the whole bible memorized, I would never know, the devil had taken over her. Ismiled down at the man. He was just he first step to getting whatI wanted.

AndI was right, he did helpme get whatI wanted. Fame. Many wanted me, andI wasrecognized by many in my line of buisness.I had obtained the one thingI had always craved for, even if it was for the wrong reasons. Mother Therisa would be rolling in her grave right now. Andmy mother, the fool, would have blessed me, "for she had been consumed by evil". Ah mother, I smiled in delight, you have no idea.

Not only had I sacraficed many, but also gave away my soul in the process. If I got theattention, if I was considered one of them then why should I ever care? Wouldn't anyone? Fame...Fame...Fame... I wanted Fame. And boy did ever get it. I mean like the old saying, when you have lemons you make lemonade.

A/N: OKay so I'll explain what all the parts mean in here. When I say she's seeking fame, I mean she wants to be noticed, to have others see her and recognize her. Like in the music video she is bathing, "Washing away my sins". When the two "minions", or ladys in the music video force vodka on her, it's like they're drugging her, and fianlly she gives up. Later in the video you see lady gaga's spine looking a little weird. There's is a head shape on her neck, which also symbolizes a picture of the devil. Somehow the devil has gotten to her. When she's shown on display she sees a man and picks him to "play" with. This is just her first step into "Fame". In the video all you see is lady gaga basically wearing white, innocence. But at last she wears the color red, meaning she has been noticed. She had gotten her fame. There's this burning body on her bed afterwards ,of the first man she takes to bed , and for me that symbolyses all the people she has sacraficed.

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Submitted: June 19, 2010

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damn it fit the song, and music video, so well. i love it :)

Sat, June 19th, 2010 11:41pm

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