Innocent Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
With love from Talon~

Featuring Oneboy and Golden.taco

Submitted: March 26, 2014

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Submitted: March 26, 2014



The suburbs were dark, the day was gone. The gun stores were looted, the tester’s gone. The bodies of slain innocents littered the streets, the ladder leading to the underground layer of 67th way. Blood stained the windows of the abandoned houses, a relic of a terrorist’s last breath being swept away by the force of a bullet or the stealth of a knife.

Two innocents escaped barely alive, running from who knows what. Gunfire and screams echoed from the distance, adding a horrific soundtrack to their midnight sprint. Oneboy’s M16 covered Taco’s entrance into the building as yet another innocent terrorist, Frubbs, dropped dead, the killer a mere shadow. A knife was embedded in his skull, a traitor’s mark. As Taco rushed into the building, Oneboy slammed the door behind them, using his Magneto stick to barricade the door with a nearby table. Someone slammed into the door, pleading help. Zee. Her last words were cut off by the knife that ended her life.

“I hate stalker rounds.” Oneboy muttered.

“You and I both, One.” Taco replied, the fear present in his voice. The Traitor’s hands fumbling past Zee’s body for the doorknob. The innocents rushed upstairs, closing doors and blocking them as they ran. Oneboy tripped on the top most stairs just as the main door downstairs blew open. Taco kept running, but looked back. The desperation in Oneboy’s eyes was overwhelming, and Taco came back. He held out his hand, and dragged him up just as the knife appeared. Taco panicked, unwilling to let his innocent friend die. He shotgunned the traitor in the face without aiming. The body of Jacob appeared with a knife in his hand, his face ruined by the shotgun shell that had ripped apart his features. Oneboy stared at the body, then at Taco in wonder.

“Y-You just saved-“Oneboy was cut off as Taco yanked him to his feet and shoved him into the bedroom. He locked the door behind them and barricaded it with the various objects around the room. Oneboy stood up, and looked outside the window. A bullet smashed into the window, barely missing him. Taco tackled him down, out of vision of the sniper in the distance. As bullets tore through the walls, searching for the bodies of the last two innocents, Oneboy couldn’t help feeling a slight sense of lust as Taco assumed control of the situation, making sure both innocents remained alive. Oneboy loved being dominated. Nobody knew about his sexuality, as he kept a good job of hiding it. As Taco stood to return fire with Oneboy’s dropped M16, Oneboy crouched and inched toward the door, reinforcing it with smaller objects with his magneto stick. The sound of a Traitor dying sounded from afar. Taco was hit, and was mortally wounded by the bullet in his leg. Oneboy reacted quickly, ripping his shirt off and shoving Taco down onto the bed. Oneboy pulled off his pants, hiding a ‘wow’ as Taco’s large manhood pressed against his undergarments.

“Stay focused on the tas- gods, that’s huge…” Oneboy thought, as his own penis grew with the sight of Taco’s cock, which was also growing at a quick pace. The medic, he was now, wrapped his torn shirt around the leg, and looked around for something that could work as pliers.  Taco whispered, his voice showing his pain,

“Your Magneto, use your- agh- Magneto stick…”  Oneboy obeyed, and took out his Magneto stick. He switched it to the pull function and dragged the bullet out of Taco’s leg, trying to ignore his screaming, his erection, his OWN erection, and the footsteps of the last Traitor outside, looking without radar. Oh shit, the T’s going to hear Taco scream. Oneboy thought. Without a second thought, Oneboy rushed in and kissed Taco. Ignoring his moans of protest, Oneboy put his energy into that kiss. It may as well be his last. The bullet fell to the floor with an audible clang. It was enormous. Must have been an AWP. Oneboy tried to pull away, now that the bullet was out of Taco’s leg, but Taco pulled him closer, unwilling to give up on the man he had loved for so long, but lacked the courage to tell him so. Until now.

“Taco, no- we can’t do thi-“Oneboy was interrupted by Taco’s second kiss, the passion in this one unbearable.

“Oneboy, I’ve lusted for you, dreamt about you and tried to tell you I loved you for over 4 months now.”

“Taco, I-“

“No, Oneboy, if you don’t want me to keep going, it’s fine. I don’t want to force you.”

“Taco, no, I…”

“You what, Oneboy? You aren’t gay?”

“Not that, Taco, I just-“

“You don’t find me attractive?”

“I love you too.”

“…” Taco was stunned. All this time, he had no idea Oneboy had mirrored his feelings for the other. Taco pulled Oneboy into a lover’s embrace, a lengthy kiss. He didn’t hold back.


Meanwhile, in the streets below…

Panda roamed the streets, looking for Oneboy and Golden.Taco. She regretted buying body armor instead of a Radar. She still had 14 minutes on the clock. This…this is going to be a long, long search…” Panda thought to herself.


Both of the innocent terrorists had stripped down to nothing, and were making out on top of the bed, the moaning from Oneboy, who was under Taco, somewhat loud.

“Oneboy, shhh.”

“Taco, *agh* Yessss, right there, ahhh.” He was cut off by Taco’s skill with Oral Sex, and lost his train of thought. Admittedly, it wasn’t Taco’s first time with another man. Oneboy couldn’t say the same thing. He was a virgin.

“Taco, I can’t-“ Taco looked up, his eyes seductive and pleading as his tongue fondled with Oneboy’s cock.

“Taco, I’m going to-“ Oneboy let out a light yell as he climaxed, covering Taco’s face with his semen. Taco wiped a small blob off his face, and tasted it.

“It’s warm,” Taco said, his voice growing more and more seductive as he progressed. He brought Oneboy up to all 4’s, and assumed his position behind him, his dick throbbing. It hadn’t yet pierced another man.

“Taco, be gentle, it’s my first t-AHH!” Oneboy screamed as Taco pushed himself into his partner’s ass. After a while of the repetition of the in-out movement of Taco, Oneboy’s screams faded to moans of pleasure.

“Haaaaagh!” Taco climaxed, releasing his own seed into Oneboy’s ass.

“Taco, you-“ Oneboy was cut off by another kiss.

“Sorry I came inside.”

“It’s fine- now turn over so I can return the fav-“ He stopped suddenly.

“Oneboy? What’s wrong?”

“Oh shit. Get your clothes on, GET THEM ON!” Taco obliged, putting on his pants and hastily putting on a shirt. Oneboy did the same. He threw a gun, the M16 at Taco. Oneboy pulled out a pistol. Then the door smashed open by the beeping of the C4 outside. Taco fired outside the door in general, with support fire from Oneboy behind him. When Taco stopped to reload, he dropped dead, the blood pouring out to the floor below. Oneboy panicked. The Traitor was here, and Taco is dead. He fired in random directions, sometimes scoring a small hit on the invisible Stalker. He was cut once, and was bleeding out. His pistol ran out of ammo, and he switched to his crowbar. He swung once, praying he hit the Traitor. Then a body fell before him. Panda. Her face was twisted in a final look of defiance. He searched her body, and confirmed her death. Her kill list counted up 11 innocents and 1 detective slain. He examined the cut Panda had given him. It was serious. There were no medical supplies nearby, no help to be had. The end was near. Oneboy grabbed Taco’s hand, and prepared for the scythe of death to take him. At least, for him, his secret would die satisfied, and along with him.

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