Why the Fuck are you shirtless?

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Why the fuck is Zee shirtless?

Submitted: April 18, 2014

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Submitted: April 18, 2014



“Why the fuck are you shirtless?”

Zee basked in the sun, her shirt removed, thrown to the side. The sun’s golden rays enveloped her body, encasing it in its yellow embrace. Her phone was on her side, Talon on the line. She said to him, her voice sweet and serene, “I’m shirtless.” On the other side, Talon laughed. He didn’t believe her.

“No you’re not, ha. Pics or it didn’t happen.” Talon requested. Zee smiled and shook her head.

“No, Talon. I’m not going to show you my shirtless self.”

“Video?” Talon begged. “Not even one picture?”

“No.” Zee’s voice was final. Talon gave up on asking. Periodically, Zee would randomly say. “I can’t believe I’m basking in the sun, shirtless.” Talon replied with a simple, “Mmhm.” Zee could hear keys being hit in the background. She said his name.


“Yes, Zee?”

“Are you typing this out?”


“Noo, stop!”

“No.” Talon smirked. He was actually writing down her words, without a single letter abridged, into a computer. He smiled. Maelstrom was going to enjoy this. In the background, Zee complained. “I need to cover myself.” She baited him into replying. He said nothing, and typed it down. She stretched, her hands hitting the blind behind her. “I need to cover myself, but it’s not going out too well.” She baited again, willing for his response. He said nothing, and recorded it. She gave up. She remained in her position, basking in the sun’s warm rays. It made her look…like a goddess, like the light itself became her aura. It covered her skin, her face, her hair with an unmistakable golden hue. Talon’s keys kept clacking away on her phone. She was getting irritated. Talon was supposed to keep begging for the photos. She had already taken them ahead of time. Eventually, of course, Talon was going to see them. But, the more she thought about it, the less she wanted it to happen. She opened the window, letting in even more of the heated glory that was the sun. She arched her back, her breasts making a shadow on her chest. She moved up her body, brushing past her breasts. She tried again. “I’m shirtless.” She told Talon. He replied, “Why the fuck are you shirtless.” He demanded. She laughed lightly. She dodged the question, as usual. “This is really comfortable. How’s your writing going?” She asked. Talon gritted his teeth.

“My writing is going fine, thank you very much. Why the hell do you have your shirt off?” Talon demanded.

“Does it bother you?” Zee replied. Talon gave up. She cursed all of a sudden.

“A friend is coming over, and I’m shirtless.” Zee cried. She scrambled frantically to find her shirt. Then everything else. Talon noticed the sounds.

“…are you more than shirtless. What other garments are you missing?” Talon demanded.

“Everything.” Zee said. Talon laughed it off. There was no way she was sitting, naked, on the other side of the phone. Unfortunately for Talon, she was. And she was making use of it, or rather, was.

“I have to ask you again.” Talon’s voice was growing bitter.

“Ask what?” Zee replied, the innocence feigned in her voice.

“Why…the…fuck are you shirtless.” Talon begged. He wrote this down with finality.

And to this day, Talon still never knew why she was shirtless that day.

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