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Submitted: February 25, 2011

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Submitted: February 25, 2011



Ok, here's a question. It's always good to start with a question, especially with a title like mine.

\"what if everything in the universe wasn't as it seems\"

I'm sure people have wondered this before, but have you ever stood and questioned everything? What if a tree, wasn't a tree... but the roots of one from another world? What if there was no light emitting from that bulb, but instead it sucked light in?

What if this God we hear about so often is one of us? We are his image after all. So what. So what if God lives like us, was born like us? Would you treat every one as God?

And love. What is love? Why do we love each other? What is love's purpose?

What is the true meaning of life? Is it a complex plan of a devine authority? Is it just coincidence that we live? Or should we just live it and not question it?

What created life in the first place? How does a rock become a life force? Was it this Goddess or God people talk about? Or is there a chemical formula that creates life? Is science or religion the answer?

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