Wish You Only Knew

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Poem to the girl the poet likes but hasn't gotten the courage to tell her truly how he feels.

Submitted: January 21, 2011

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Submitted: January 21, 2011



If life's about taking chances

Going on instincts; what you feel is right

Then won't you take that step

And be mine tonight?


People may question, think it's taboo

But all that matters is just me and you

Though the times we've spent together have been few

I've fallen harder for you than I ever thought possible to do


Your cute, wonderful smile and laugh

Dazzling eyes shine so beautiful and bright

Nothing could ever turn me away

From this amazing sight


When I see you, my mind runs crazy

My thoughts get hazy

When I'm around you, I'm so speechless

My heart's so defenseless

It's amazing I'm still alive cause you leave me so breathless


Just the thought of you, girl

Makes my head twirl

I wish you only knew

What seeing your pretty smile causes me to do.


To describe in 3 words or less

Would not suffice to display my affection

But the answer is so simple, so effortless

You're amazing, you're beautiful, you are perfection

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