Bloody Torin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
hey, this is my first creepypasta, i tried posting it there, but i haven't gotten any word back from them, and i highly doubt they'll put it up, so i'll post it here

Submitted: May 30, 2019

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Submitted: May 30, 2019



Bloody Torin


I’m a psychopath. I learned that a long time ago. I don’t remember exactly when i lost my mind, i suppose it was when i was a small seventeen year old girl. Everytime i kill someone, it reminds me of the first time i drew blood from someone, back when i was seventeen.


My name is Torin. I’m seventeen, and my mom just moved back in with my dad. God i hate him. He’s an effing pervert, he tried to rape me when i was seven, and when i tried to tell my mother, she just brushed it aside like it was nothing, because she was so in love with him. I’ve always had bad luck with men. Not as bad as father, but pretty bad. Boy’s normally want me for my curvy body, and they always make the mistake of letting me know that.

The first boy i dated, i was thirteen, and he was fourteen, on our tenth date, we were at the theater, you know, the one right down the lane, the one that has the alley. Anyways, we were holding hands, then he gripped my hand tight, and shoved it onto his crotch. I tried quietly telling him to let go, to stop playing this game, because i didn’t want to play it. What surprised me was how hard he was, he must have been wanting to do all kinds of horny things with me. I tried yanking my hand away, but he wouldn’t let go. Now he was moving my hand to his belt line, oh god, he was trying to shove my hand down his pants! I used my other hand to slap him across the face, and at that he let go, mostly out of shock, and i stormed out to my car, and i left him there. Funny thing about that night that always brings a smile to my face is how embarrassed he must have been when he had to explain the whole thing to his mom when he had to call her for a ride.

The next boy, well, i won’t bore you with the details, but basically he tried dry humping me and i fifty yard cunt punted him.

But the one guy i find out had a crush on me, and he’s the guy i had a crush on, and we start dating and he isn’t all that bad, my mom decides to move all the way back to astoria Oregon. We were living the sweet life in texas, but then she got a message from father. He said that he wanted to reconnect, that he still loved her, and he wanted to be my father again. I knew it was all bullshit, but mother fell for it instantly. As soon as she got done reading his text, she had us packing and on the road the next day.

Now i’m unpacking in my old room, which still had the pink walls. I preferred black and blood red.

“Hey, mother!” i called out to her.

“Yes dear?” she shouted back.

“Can we repaint my room? I don’t exactly favor the gay boys pink anymore.”

Mother appeared outside my door.

“Yes dear, as long as it isn’t that hideous dark red that you favor so much.”

“So does that mean black is on the table?”

“No, it doesn’t. You like dark purple right? You died your hair that color last summer.”

“Ugh, i’d rather stay with the gay boy pink.”

Mother laughed and put her hand on my cheek.

“Why did we have to move back in with him? Everything was starting to look up for me until he texted you.”

Mother’s smile faded, but returned as quickly as it had left.

“Because, i still love him, even if he doesn’t truly love me. You’ll understand when you meet that special person.”

“Yeah right, the only guy i’ll ever fall for is all the way back in texas.”

Mother dropped her hand and left my room to finish her unpacking. Then he showed up next to the door. I can barely even call him my father. So i won’t. I’ll just call him mack, which is part of his middle name. I hate his first name so much i forgot it after we moved away seven years ago.

“What do you want Mack?” i asked him in a crude voice. He faked a look of hurt.

“Aww, can’t you call me father? Or dad would work. Actually i really like the sound of papa. Anyways, i just wanted to check in on my baby girl.”

“I was never, nor shall i ever be, your baby girl. And i know what your trying to do you fucking pervert. You just wanted mother back so you could finish what you started. Well i’m warning you, stay away from me. You may have mother fooled, but not me, you filthy drunk.”

That set him off. His grin faded away in an instant, and he started walking towards me. I started backing up, but there was nowhere to go. I accidentally backed into the bed, and i fell over, my back facing the mattress. Mack leaned down over me, resting his arms on either side of me.

“Listen here, little girl, your in my house now, and you’ll do exactly as i say. You understand? And if i ask for a little, payment…” he said as he placed a hand on my leg and started caressing it.

“Then you’ll give me exactly what i want, and your mother will know nothing. Understand?”

I slapped his hand away from me and i pushed him away from me. He just smiled. He knew that mother would never believe me, she’d just think i was trying to get her to move us away again. Either way, he wins. But i’m not a little girl anymore, and i can fight back. I’m stronger than i look. I was in the wrestling team back in texas, and i was the champ. I could easily take on an old drunk like him.


It was night now, and i was tired. I went over and locked my door, and then i walked back over to my bed and i laid down. Sleep came easy to me.


Today is the first day of school, and i’m dreading it. I can feel my father peeking through the crack in my slightly open door while i get dressed. The whole time i was swearing to myself, if he tries anything, i will fifty yard cunt-punt him. And not just kick him in the groin as hard as i can, but i will bloody him up as much as i can, maybe even kill him. For some reason that thought pleased me.

When i was finished getting dressed, i went downstairs, and i saw my father, a sly smile splayed across his face. He really had been watching me. A disgusted look filled my face. There was something nagging in the back of my mind, a weird feeling filling me, kind of like a large tingling. I don’t know how to describe it, but it felt...good.  It made me want to hurt something, mainly Mack. i quickly walked out the door, and out to the bus stop.

After about thirty minutes the bus finally came, and it sped right past me. I could see kids in the back of the bus flipping me off. Obviously some of them remembered me from when i was a little pampered princess. But i’m different now. For one thing, instead of wearing a dress, i’m wearing fishnet leggings, with a shirt that goes down to the bottom of my ass, covering the shorty shorts i was wearing. The shirt had a big skull on it, and it said “not today Satan”. Although i’m not religious.

I start the long walk to school, i live at least a mile away. By the time i get to school, first period has started. I see an empty seat and i sit down. After a while of the teacher droning on and on, i feel something poke my braid.  I ignored it, but then i felt it again, and i turned around, and i couldn't believe who i was seeing. It’s Brandon, the bully. He’s still here, even after all this time, and he’s older than me, at least a grade higher. He must have been held back. He smiled, and waved. Unusual. I waved and turned back around. I felt him poke my braid again, now i’m getting annoyed, so i turn back around with an expression that says “what do you want”.

“Hey, welcome back.” he said. He still had a big dopey grin on his face.

“Hey, me and the gang are having a party, you should come.” he said after i started turning back around. Now that made me freeze. Did the boy who bullied me for my entire elementary years, just, invite me to

“Where is it?” i asked.

“An old abandoned house not to far from my house. It’s less of a party and more of a dare. See, the house is supposed to be haunted by a ghost.”

“Who’s ghost?”

“Oh, Ticci Toby.”

I frowned. I knew this was too good to be true. Ticci Toby is a myth, and he certainly doesn’t attach himself to a single house, and according to the myth, he never died. He became one of the slendermans lackys. Hold on, that gave me an idea.

“If you believe in Ticci Toby, then you believe in the Slenderman too, right?” i asked him.

“Yeah, why? This town is full of creepypasta myths lately, and the latest is the group of slendy’s gang. I wanna scare the gang, and i’m hoping you could help me.”

“And how could i do that?”

“Well, you look enough like Nina the killer, so… i was hoping with a little makeup, you could become her.”

I smiled. I agreed. For the rest of the week i was looking forward to saturday.


Saturday finally rolled around, and i was hyped. I got out my old makeup kit, which i hadn’t used since my days as a goth girl. I started making the appropriate makeup cuts along my cheeks, but i only got one done before i heard my door open and i heard the voice of the man that i hate the most.

“Hey there little princess. So, your mom isn’t home, and i was thinkin’, we ought to have some fun together, after all, you have been living in my house for a week now, and i haven’t asked for anything. Until now. Now whattaya say ya hop on daddy’s lap and let’s make this sleigh jingle.” said Mack.

I reached under my table, where i kept a switchblade in a secret compartment. I turned around and flipped out the six inch blade with one hand, and Mack backed up, but he regained his dickhead manner right away.

“Come on, you know that if you use that on me your mother will believe me instead of you, and she’ll think that you went psycho and started attacking me. Now we wouldn’t want that, would we?”

I had had enough of this bullshit. That feeling from earlier that week had returned, the want to hurt him, to make him bleed, only it was so strong now, i couldn’t resist it. I charged at Mack, and as i was bringing my hand down to stab him, he caught my arm, and twisted it behind my back.

“Tsk-tsk, you should know better than to attack an ex-military officer with a tiny knife.”

But i did know better, which is why i had a second knife concealed in my sleeve, which i slid out of, and i plunged it into Mack’s leg, and he let me go. As i was pulling the knife from his leg, it made a sick, slicking sound. It was music to my ears. And as i raised the knife above my head, and i plunged it downward, something inside my head snapped. I think it was my sanity. But i had completely forgotten about the other knife, which Mack was holding. He parried my attack and wrapped his arm around my neck, and he brought the knife to my face. He sliced it across my cheek, which immediately started to bleed. I sliced his arm and when he let go, i turned around and i plunged my blade deep inside his chest. He fell to the ground, and i was on top of him in an instant. I plunged my blade inside his chest over and over again, warm blood splattering across my face and exposed chest, as my shirt collar had been torn straight halfway down the middle. I plunged the knife one last time, then i brought it up and brought it down straight into his eye. His blank, unblinking eye. I got up, and i looked around. My room had been trashed. I got pissed off at that so i pulled my foot up and brought it down on Mack’s crotch, probably shattering it.


I was in the woods waiting, waiting for Brandon and his gang to come by. Then i heard them. And i smiled. I could see them clearly through the brush and branches now. I ran out of the bush's i was hiding in, and i waved my knife around, and i let out a guttural cry. Everyone, even Brandon, screamed and ran away. I chased them. I threw my knife and impaled one of them in the back, and that one fell. I picked up my knife and I chased after the rest, who had split up. One of them had ran towards a river, in which i hid in. The kid came up to the water, and i popped out and grabbed him by the face, and pulled him in. i held his head under the water while he struggled and kicked. I laughed and laughed. I was enjoying this. What can i say? Being a murderer is fun. After the guy stopped struggling, i pulled him out of the water so someone would find the body. I then heard the last one calling for Brandon. I giggled and i chased after the voice. I found him. I sneaked up behind him, until he could feel my breathing on his neck, and he could hear my giggling. He turned around and he tried to let out a scream, but he couldn’t, because he had a knife impaling one of his lungs. I pulled my knife from his chest as he fell to the ground.

Then i heard Brandon. He was calling out for his comrades. Except, they would never come to him again. I casually walk up to him. As he sees me, he lets out a loud sigh.

“Oh god, it’s just you Torin. I thought you were that crazy bitch that attacked us.”

“But i am that crazy bitch who attacked you.”

As i got closer Brandon was able to see through the dark and he saw all the blood on me, and he saw the jagged cut on my cheek. Brandon’s face contorted in fear.

“Oh god, oh god oh no… did you...kill them?!”

“I was only playing around. And besides, you wanted me to scare them right? So i scared them to death.”

“I didn’t want you to kill anyone! Oh god! Please don’t kill me!”

“But why would i want to kill you? You’re my friend. In fact, you can be my boyfriend. Just don’t go making me touch you in any private spots. That would be a mistake.”

“Are you mad?! Why would i have anything to do with you?! You’re a monster!”

“Uh-oh, you shouldn’t have said that.”

Brandon took off running. I let him get a head start. Then i gave chase. I easily caught up. I began to laugh hysterically.

“I seeeee yoooou!” i elongated the words, trying to make it creepier. I ran right up behind him and i wrapped my arms around him and knocked him to the ground. He struggled, trying to get me off of him, but unsuccessfully.

“No! God, please no! Please! Let me go!” Brandon cried out.

I started singing a song.

I see your blood. I see your organs. I see your heart, and i want it.” i sang, as i plunged my knife into Brandon’s back. I was sitting over him now, with Brandon between my legs. I stabbed him one more time, then i turned around, and i took his leg and i broke it. I stood up, his leg in my hand. I started dragging him home. Wait till mother see’s that i’ve made a friend. Wait till she sees that i have a boyfriend. I wonder how mother will react to seeing Mack’s corpse? Oh well.


That was the day i truly lost my mind, and now, i’m here with Brandon. He’s been rather quiet, and he’s started to stink, no matter how many times i bathe him. And mother is bleeding, she tried to shoot me. I didn’t like that. I have my big happy family.

“Sorry Brandon, sorry mother, but i have to go to the store now. I need to kill someone. Or something. Either way, i’ll see you when i get back.”


End: Bloody Torin



© Copyright 2020 tholt. All rights reserved.

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