James Bond - Golden Arrow

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Treatment for James Bond, 007, film No. 24 - "Golden Arrow"

Submitted: October 23, 2015

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Submitted: October 23, 2015




James Bond No. 24


Title: Golden Arrow




After the gun barrel sequence a thin, geeky-looking man hurriedly comes through a nondescript door. He says to camera: “Kill him!” Bond bursts through the door and rolls to cover as gun fire erupts around him. The camera cuts to the reverse and as Bond is in cover in the foreground, we see two men shooting at him while the geeky-looking man climbs into a helicopter and the audience discovers the action is taking place on a high building rooftop. As the helicopter lifts off Bond kills the two henchmen, runs towards the helicopter, off the side of the building, and clings on to the landing skid. A second helicopter, piloted by henchmen, takes off from a neighbouring building and a chase occurs over Sydney, Australia. This involves Bond almost being cut in two by the second copter’s rotor blades and flying under the Harbour Bridge. Bond then leaps from one helicopter to the other, takes over the second helicopter and forces the first copter, containing the “geek”, to land by the Sydney Opera House. The nerd flees his landed helicopter on foot so Bond lands. Bond chases the geek and beats him severely. However, this ‘attack’ is caught on hundreds of people’s smart phones. At the end James Bond says: “It’s not what it looks like”. Cut to opening sequence.


After the opening title sequence, James Bond is called into M’s office at MI6, London. While Bond completed the mission to apprehend the “nerd”, revealed to be a hacker, in Sydney, the beating has been transmitted across the world via social networks and disgraced MI6. Bond is given a severe dressing down and told he is suspended from active duty. The beating film meant MI6 had to release the hacker without questioning him. However, MI6 don’t want Bond going anywhere he will create more unwanted publicity so they pay for him to stay at the Mandarin Oriental, Bermuda, for 2 weeks. Bond exits M’s office and after flirting with Moneypenny flies to Bermuda. There follows a sequence of scenes where Bond relaxes in the sun and gets together with a gorgeous girl, Honey Suckle.

Meanwhile a US Navy missile cruiser is in the Atlantic Ocean. A view of the control room shows lots of activity and, on the bridge, an obese civilian dressed in black stands with many of the Navy’s top brass. The civilian thanks the Admirals for letting his company test fire the new ‘Golden Arrow’ missile and the Admirals are safe in the knowledge the missile will be destroyed by the US missile defence shield. The missile is fired and is deemed a success. However the self-destruct doesn’t function and then the US defence shield does not destroy the missile. While there is panic on the bridge and in the control room of the ship, the civilian smiles. The missile continues all the way to the White House where it crashes into the outer fence and skids across the lawn. It sits, unexploded, right outside the White House.

In Iran a team of special forces attack a high security compound but are all killed when ambushed. At the end of the scene the audience sees the team was American.


In Bermuda, Bond spots a beautiful, sophisticated woman. Over cards in the evening he talks to Donna Black. Bond is intrigued when Miss Black refuses to go back to his room. In the morning he dumps the bimbo and spends the next few days chasing Miss Black seemingly without luck. The next day Bond sees the US defence shield and attack on Iran embarrassment. In the evening Bond lets Donna Black win at cards and she does go back to his room. The next day Miss Black’s uncle and aunt arrive from the US and they take the two of them on a boat. During the journey the uncle confesses he has done something terrible and his conscience is killing him. The boat is then attacked by henchmen on heavily armoured jet-skis. In an action filled sequence, Bond saves Miss Black but her aunt and uncle are killed. 

James Bond travels to Washington DC with Donna Black for the funeral and while there Bond finds out the uncle was General George Black, Regional Commander of the Washington DC US missile defence shield. After the wake, Bond is returning to his hotel alone but the taxi takes him to an abandoned warehouse. The door is opened by Miss Moneypenny. Moneypenny leads Bond to ‘M’. ‘M’ orders Bond back into action as it’s “all hands to the pumps” with the Iran incident showing America is intimidating other nations while the defence shield embarrassment shows the USA is vulnerable. Bond is ordered to look into the defence shield issue.


After visiting ‘Q’, Bond returns to his Washington DC hotel to get his bag and finds Miss Black. She has been given his diary which details he was being blackmailed by the criminal organisation ‘IFUS’. Bond has been ordered to go to the US Defence Shield HQ in Colorado so he takes Miss Black with him. While touring the base Bond spots the computer hacker. A chase ensues, in Humvees, over the snow covered Rocky Mountains. When caught, the hacker reveals he works for ‘IFUS’ but his legal occupation is with DeKart Industries, a Dutch defence contractor.

Bond, and Miss Black, travel to Rotterdam to speak to Mr DeKart, the CEO of DeKart Industries. After a civil conversation, they tour the largest weapons plant in the world and see the now infamous ‘Golden Arrow’ missile that can penetrate the USA’s defences. Afterwards Bond and Donna relax on a tour of the tulip fields. They are attacked by henchmen on motorbikes and captured. Bond awakes in an underground prison. He escapes his cell and listens in on DeKart speaking to rogue nations about their massive arms orders. Discovered by guards, Bond is led to DeKart who reveals the entire scheme has solely been about money. General Black was paid to simply switch off his section of the defence shield, his tracks covered by the computer hacker, and the American special forces team were just expendable, hired henchmen. DeKart iterates that before 9/11 global defence spending was US$800 billion, in 2011 it was US$1800 billion. DeKart plans to make even more money through rogue nations attacking the US and again as the USA retaliates.


James Bond uses one of the ‘Golden Arrow’ missile models in DeKart’s office to kill a guard and escape. Bond finds Miss Black and discovers the prison is below the Rotterdam weapons factory. An enormous final battle occurs throughout the factory with DeKart being caught by a ‘Golden Arrow’ missile and fired out over the Atlantic Ocean. The film ends with Bond saying he loves going on working holidays.


© Copyright 2017 Thom Goddard. All rights reserved.

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