James Bond - The Duality Diamond

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Treatment for James Bond, 007, film 25 - The Duality Diamond

Submitted: October 23, 2015

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Submitted: October 23, 2015




James Bond No. 25


Title: The Destiny Diamond




After the gun barrel sequence Bond is dressed all in black and stealthily moving around the corridors of a modern building. Bond bursts into a large office where he is attacked by 2 guards. The man behind a large desk flees out of the window. Bond beats the guards and follows out on to a terrace high above Dubai at night. The action follows a chase on the outside of a skyscraper. Bond becomes cornered by two armed guards who are promptly shot by an unseen assassin. Bond is startled but continues with the mission. Finally James Bond captures the target but just as Bond says “Ever been to London?” the target is shot by the unknown assassin and falls to his death. Bond scans the area but sees nothing.


After the opening titles, James Bond is called into ‘M’s’ office at MI6 in London. M is annoyed the target, a financial genius linked to criminal organisations, is dead but worried there is a leak in MI6. However, Bond is reassigned to another mission investigating perfect diamond recreations - MI6 has no leads or even knows why it’s happening. Bond is given a fake diamond, leaves ‘M’s’ office and flies to ‘The World Diamond Council’ in New York. At the WDC Bond discusses the perfect diamond copies but learns the only time a hoard of diamonds would be useful is in time of hyperinflation, when paper money becomes worthless. Bond keeps one of the perfect copies, takes a taxi to Tiffany’s and uses it to charm a rich woman into bed. 


The next day Bond is awoken by Moneypenny and put in contact with ‘M’ in London. Having run into a dead end, Bond is assigned to finding the secret service mole and sent to meet a UK consular attaché in Washington DC. The meeting takes place on the steps of the US Congress building, the attaché tells Bond the leak is from the diplomatic service. But before the attaché can say who she thinks is the mole she is pricked with poison and collapses in Bond’s arms. Bond glimpses the assassin’s head before being chased by security guards through the United States Capitol building and eventually arrested. There is some playful banter in prison between Bond and the criminals before Felix Leiter arrives. He has some information regarding the possible mole at MI6 but not the assassin. Leiter secures Bond’s release.

James Bond goes straight to the UK consulate where there is a social function. Bond approaches the UK Ambassador to the US, lies and tricks the Ambassador into admitting he is the information mole. The Ambassador is shot dead and Bond sees the assassin’s face, recognising it immediately. Shrugging off the shock, Bond flees the residency, is chased by UK military personnel and trapped. Bond is tazered but the shadowy assassin fights off the guards and says, as it fades to black, ‘you owe me one again’. 


The scene opens at an English public school. The boys are fighting in a long corridor. Their master enters and they behave immediately. The master explains they are to start shooting practice. A child goes first and gets an ‘normal’ score of 75. “Bond” is called up next and shoots 100. Finally “Lancaster” is called and he too shoots 100. Cut to the boys leaving the building and the master calls Bond and Lancaster to him. The master says he’s never seen 2 naturally gifted students like them. Later the same day, four older boys starting beating up Bond and he is saved by Lancaster.


Bond awakes in a container ship on the ocean. No-one speaks English and he has to wait until they arrive in Arkhangelsk, Russia, before he can disembark. Bond finds a hotel and phones London. While waiting for the connection Bond chats to the receptionist and asks her if she likes diamonds. Her reply of “No, because there are so many round here” shocks Bond and he puts the phone down on Moneypenny. Bond drives to a nearby diamond factory and lies his way in with his false diamond. There he finds out Russia is now the world’s largest producer of diamonds and meets Marietta Georgia, a buyer from Sierra Leone. Marietta likes Bond and takes him to Moscow with her.


In Moscow Bond accompanies Marietta as she goes to complete her diamond purchase. However, the Russians have found out she is working for the World Diamond Council and want to stop her reporting the fake diamonds are coming from Russia. They try to kill Marietta but Bond saves her and steals a real diamond. A thrilling car chase ensues through the streets of Moscow and Bond is shot. The chase continues into Red Square and a cargo plane appears. The cargo doors open to reveal ‘Q’ and Bond drives on the plane to take them away. Bond passes out.


The scene opens at the British Secret Service Training Academy. There are 6 men in their 20s. The instructor tells them they are the surviving 6 from 100 applicants to the Double ‘O’ Section of MI6. There follows a long sequence where the 6 try to survive in the Brecon Beacons being tracked by the SAS. Four are captured with Bond and Lancaster surviving. But only one can be a ‘Double O’ and they fight hand-to-hand. However, there is still no clear winner so the exercise leader flips a coin. Bond wins, Lancaster is crushed and Bond says “well, I always was good at gambling”. 


Bond awakes in a military base. ‘M’ debriefs him and reports high ranking members of a crime organization are being killed around the world. James Bond is being sent to Madrid to watch a political fixer with ties to the syndicate. But there is still no explanation for the diamonds.

James Bond arrives in Madrid and finds the political fixer. Bond is tapped on the shoulder and he is surprised by the assassin. It is Ian Lancaster. Bond and Lancaster go for a drink and Lancaster explains  how he became one of the world’s greatest assassins after being rejected by MI6. Lancaster has also discovered how the criminal organisation he was working for had a plot to devalue the global money markets to create hyperinflation. Then flood the economies with fake diamonds to destroy what Western countries prize most - their money. However, the criminal organisation didn’t tell Lancaster the second part of the plan and he found his pay, in diamonds, was worthless. They part with Bond forced to protect the criminal political fixer.


That night, at the Prado Museum, Lancaster makes his move. Bond tries to stop the murder but fails. He chases Lancaster to the top of the Torrespana. Bond and Lancaster fight to the death 760ft above Madrid. In a thrilling encounter where they are evenly matched Bond finally over comes Lancaster by throwing a coin at Lancaster’s face and he falls to his death. Bond takes the two diamonds out of his pocket, closes his eyes and throws one over the side. Bond then walks to the nearest casino and uses the real diamond as collateral.

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