Son of American Werewolf in London

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A direct sequel to the 1984 cult classic “An American Werewolf in London”.


During “An American Werewolf in London” the lead character/werewolf, David, has sex with Alex, one of the nurses who cares for him in hospital after surviving the first werewolf attack.
This film presumes Alex has given birth to the son of David, the American Werewolf.

Submitted: October 23, 2015

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Submitted: October 23, 2015






Tagline: Beware the Son.


The film begins in the woods. A deer is standing in a beautiful, moonlit clearing. The deer hears something, turns, looks and runs. The deer is being chased; hunted by something. The audience does not see the hunter as the action follows the deer racing through the forest. As the music builds, the deer is caught and brought down to the ground. As the sun begins to rise for a new day a shadow grows in the deer’s dead eye and “Here Comes The Sun” plays over the titles.


After the titles a thin 17-year old man wakes up covered in sweat. His mother runs into his bedroom and comforts him. The young man sobs in his mother’s arms as his nightmares are getting worse. His mother hugs him, says she will call a doctor to help him and tells him “everything will be ok”. 


The son gets ready for school and bumps into his step-father, Dale, on the landing. Dale tells him to grow-up as he is almost a man. Downstairs his mother has made him breakfast. They talk about his 18th birthday coming up in a few days and if everything is ready for the party the week after. The teenager becomes very serious and asks his mother if, when he is 18, she will finally tell him about his father. He knows Dale Stump is his step-father, and a good one at that, but needs to know about his real father.


Luckily for his mother, the boy’s ride to school arrives and she is able to skirt the issue and pack him off while mentioning they will talk about everything later. As the boy leaves the house in suburban Westbury, New York, his mother calls after him revealing his name as “Peter”.


Pete joins his friends in their car and they drive off laughing while listening to “Carry on my Wayward Son”. In the house, the mother picks up the phone, dials a long number and starts speaking to “a doctor”. The mother reveals her name is Alex and that everything they feared may be coming true.


Pete and his friends arrive at a normal American high school. They park and walk in. As the group of boys walk down the corridor, a group of girls join them and one takes Pete’s arm. Ali asks him if he has been dreaming about her again. He laughs it off and says sheepishly he has certainly been having some wild dreams. One of the boys shouts that Pete and the girl have been seeing each other for 6 months and wonders if they have “done it yet”. While the rest of the girls tell off the boy, Pete looks longingly at the girl and Ali whispers in his ear that he only has to wait until next week at his eighteenth birthday party.


Cut to mid-morning and Pete is in history class. Sitting at the back of a hot room he starts to fall asleep. In his dream Pete is in the woods with Ali. They are in the beautiful clearing of his nightmares except in the daylight. Ali says Pete will be 18 as they make love. While they are having sex Ali’s ecstasy turns to horror. She pushes Pete off her and runs away from him, naked. Pete follows and hunts the terrified girl through the forest. As he is about to pounce on her he wakes up at school. The class has finished and all his friends are laughing at him for having an erection.


Later the same day the boys are on the football practice field. While his friends are on the field, Pete is a replacement as he is thin and small. When a player is injured Pete joins the game and “Setting Sun” by Chemical Brothers plays. After some bruising hits, Pete gives a menacing growl, adrenaline floods his body and he lays out the biggest guy on the field on the next play. The coach calls him aside and calls him a late bloomer.


After school Pete is dropped off home by his friends. His mother opens the door and ushers him to the dining room table. Alex sternly tells him they have to go to England to see a doctor who can help him with his nightmares. This will mean Pete will not have his actual birthday in the USA. Pete thinks she is crazy but agrees as long as they are back for his birthday party the week after.


Step-father Dale takes Pete and Alex to JFK with “Fortunate Son” playing on the radio and they fly to London. There they hire a Mini and Alex starts to tell Pete about his father during their drive. She mentions he died in London but was originally from the States. That was how she was able to get a Green Card and raise Pete in the USA. 


They arrive at a smart house in London but are greeted by a ragged man who looks possessed. He welcomes Alex as an old friend and stares in amazement at Pete. The 3 of them go into the house which is a mess of research papers and books on werewolves. The doctor is introduced as Dr Hirsch. He gave up practicing medicine years ago to study the occult. The Doctor tells Jack about his father and his theory that when Pete becomes a man, at age 18, he will become a werewolf too. Pete can’t believe it so Dr Hirsch and his mother say they will prove it by driving to “where it all began” in East Proctor, Yorkshire.  


After a long journey they reach the Yorkshire Moors. Pete is listening to “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” by Iron Maiden on his iPod as the Doctor stops a farmer and asks for directions. After explaining the way the farmer says: “Stick to the road”. Alex says “Jesus... why?” “You’ll get stuck in the mud in that thing”. The farmer laughs and drives off. They follow the directions to a small village but night has fallen so they decide to go to a small hotel. “The Slaughtered Lamb” is the only hotel in the village. Alex and Dr Hirsch enter and have a look of horror on their faces: “Oh my god... it’s been turned into a gastro pub”.


The next day Pete awakes covered in sweat again. But he’s shocked to find Dr Hirsch and his mother standing at the end of the bed in anticipation. While the Doctor looks on with suspicion Alex comforts Pete with a present for his birthday. She says they will make everything ok today. There is a short montage of the three of them asking local villagers if they know anything about werewolves with people looking at them like they are crazy. Then an old woman runs out of a house and attacks Pete. She knows “what he is” and tells them to get out of the village or her son will kill them.


On the drive back to London Dr Hirsch tells Peter how sorry he is that they haven’t stopped his nightmares but he thinks everything will be ok. Cat Stephens’ “Father and Son” plays on the radio. As they pull up to the house in London Pete grabs his head and shouts in pain. Dr Hirsch and Alex usher him into the house. Pete transforms into a werewolf in front of their astonished eyes. The werewolf kills the Doctor and pauses in front of Alex. He then rips her apart and explodes out the front door and into the streets of London.


The Ministry of Sound nightclub is packed with people. The music is pumping “Devil’s Son” by Big L. A clubber idles up to an exit door. He looks around and opens it for his friends to get into the club for free. As the freeloaders walk away we see the door is left slightly open. The music becomes more upbeat with “Sun is Shining” by Funkstar. Behind the dancers the door widens and the carnage begins.


The music continues through the rest of the werewolf’s killing spree.


A drunken group of people are laughing and falling over as they board the London Eye. As the doors begin to close a dark shape rushes out of the park and into the pod with them. The group is torn apart as they move round the London Eye.


Four bankers exit the London Stock Exchange and boast about how invincible they are due to all the money they have made that day. They argue about where to go for dinner going through a list of restaurants that “just aren’t expensive enough”. The group hear a growl from a nearby dark alley. Thinking it is a homeless person the bankers taunting wave £50 notes at the sound. They are then attacked and killed. At the end of this attack the camera moves up to the moon and a long werewolf howl is heard.


The next day Pete wakes up naked. He screams as he’s face-to-face with a snarling mouth. He’s in the wolf section of London’s Natural History Museum. He jumps up and runs out of the museum naked.


Pete arrives at the Doctor’s house in rags he has stolen from a tramp. He finds the Police blocking the road. Pete runs towards the house, is stopped by the Police cordon but let through when he tells them his identity. Pete is led to Detective McKray who won’t let him in the house. The Detective tells him an escaped lunatic has killed his mother and her ‘friend’. Pete breaks down in tears and a Policewoman leads him away telling him they will look after him until he can fly back to the States. As the WPC and Pete leave shot we hear Detective McKray say “it’s the damnedest thing, I saw this same thing about 20 years ago...”


In the next scene Pete is dressed in a mourning suit and standing next to a coffin. As he sheds a tear Detective McKray says again how sorry he is that it has taken almost a month for them to release the body. Pete replies that at least now he can take her home. The camera pulls out to reveal they are at London’s Heathrow Airport.


On the plane back to America, Pete falls asleep. Several hours later the plane is nearing the USA and Pete wakes up in terrible pain. He rushes to the airplane bathroom and locks himself in. In this cramped toilet he transforms into the werewolf for the second time. People are bewildered as they listen to his screams from outside the bathroom.


Then silence. And a very deep growl.


The door explodes and the wolf tears the people on the airplane apart in a prolonged, gory action sequence.


Amongst the gore, the film cuts to the cockpit. Post-9/11 all cockpits are locked. At first someone calls the cockpit phone but all the pilots can hear are screams and the line goes dead. The pilots wonder if a wild animal is on board. Then someone starts banging on the cockpit door and shouting to be let in. The co-pilot goes to investigate and looks through the peep-hole. He sees someone clearly terrified but as they are not one of the crew he does not open the door. As the co-pilot turns to ask the captain there is a thud at the door. The terrified man’s screams turn to gurgles and then silence. The co-pilot looks through the peep-hole again. He cannot see the terrified passenger. Only a dark shape moving side to side outside the door. The pilot tells the co-pilot to sit down as they are coming into land. The co-pilot wants to radio ahead but the pilot refuses so they can concentrate on getting the plane on the ground. As the pilots go through their landing checks the beast is banging at the door behind them. As the wheels hit the runway tarmac the cockpit door shatters.


Cut to the control tower. The air traffic controller is happy the flight from London has landed and looks down. In the background the aircraft lurches to the right and cart rolls into the ground. The resulting explosion lights up the control room and the air traffic controller calls for emergency vehicles.


On the runway the emergency vehicles scream up to the burning wreckage. They are astonished to find a naked man unconscious in the middle of the crash fires.


Pete is awoken by his alarm clock playing “Prodigal Son” by the Rolling Stones on the radio. He in his own bed in Westbury, New York. He is not sweating and everything seems normal. He gets up and runs downstairs. His mother is making breakfast and his step-father reading the paper. His mother stops and turns around. She is normal though and smiles. She asks Pete if everything is ok and he tells her he has had the worst nightmare. His mother tells him to sit and she puts a plate of cooked breakfast in front of him. As Pete cuts into his fried egg monstrous Storm Troopers smash down the front door of the house. They rush into the kitchen cutting Dale down in machine gun fire. One turns and bayonets Alex. The leader advances on a still sitting Pete, shoves his arm into his back, out of his chest and the gore-soaked hand covers Pete’s mouth as if to stop him screaming.


Pete wakes up screaming in the hospital. His girlfriend Ali wakes up from a chair across the room and rushes to his side. She comforts him and tells Pete he is ok. A nurse comes rushing into the room followed by a doctor. The doctor tells Pete how lucky he is to be alive and how remarkable it is that he has nothing but superficial injuries. Ali smiles and the doctor tells her she can take him home. 


Instead of taking Pete home, Ali takes him to a hotel in Manhattan. Pete is confused as Ali leads him through the hotel and to a room she’s booked. Pete tries to tell Ali that he is dangerous and she should stay away from him. Ali tells Pete everything is ok and begins to kiss him as they enter the room. Ali tells Pete it is time for his birthday present. Ali goes in the bathroom and Pete gets undressed. He notices his body is stronger and fitter but covered in unknown scars. He decides to tell her the truth. Ali comes out of the bathroom in raunchy underwear bringing Pete back to the moment. He tries to tell her his story but his urges get the better of him. Ali touches her iPod as they climb into bed together and “Who loves the Sun” by Velvet Underground plays as they make love.


Pete and Ali are lying in bed relaxing when Pete screams in pain. He clutches his head and shouts “No, no, no”, realizing what is happening to him. As his eyes turn yellow he opens the door, still naked, and runs. Ali screams after him. She leaps out of bed and quickly dresses. As she finishes the blood-curdling howl of the werewolf is heard.  


A horse-drawn carriage is taking a romantic ride through Central Park. The driver points out various interesting sights but the lovers aren’t paying attention. The driver points out something but then exclaims “What the hell is that?” The werewolf leaps from a rock and into the carriage, killing all on board. 


A lone policeman walking the beat is enjoying a night in the park. Until he hears the screaming and he runs towards it. The policeman arrives to find three people torn apart and the horse with its throat ripped out. He radios for help saying there is a maniac on the loose in Central Park.


Ali runs out of the hotel. She shouts Pete’s name. Then she too hears the screaming and runs into the darkness of the park.


Heckscher Fields are packed with people playing softball. A foul ball takes a fielder into the bushes and there is an unseen eruption of screaming and tearing flesh. While the softball players look on in half horror, half curiosity the werewolf slowly emerges from the undergrowth. The audience see how large and powerful the creature has become. The field erupts in panic as the wolf kills indiscriminately.


Ali stops, hears the crowd’s screams and runs towards it. The policeman does the same but gets on the radio and shouts for back-up. Ali arrives at the softball fields and sees the ground littered with mangled bodies. She shouts for Pete but there is silence. This is broken by a normal grey wolf howling. Ali thinks and then runs towards the noise. She passes the policeman and shouts “he’s heading towards the zoo”. The policeman radios this to SWAT and then drops his radio at the horror of the softball fields in front of him.


A camp man is running with his chihuahua by The Pond. He has his iPod on, listening to “Too bad son” by Attack! Attack!, so has not heard anything. The dog stops and growls. The camp man tuts at the inconvenience and stops his music. Trying to drag his dog away he lightly threatens whoever is in the bushes that he is “not into that sort of thing”. The wolf steps out of the bushes and the man picks up his chihuahua and runs. He is easily caught and killed.


Ali continues running through the trees, across East Drive and reaches the Central Park Zoo. She finds the entrance gates have been smashed open. Ali takes a deep breath and walks in.


As Ali enters the zoo, the SWAT van arrives. The men jump out and shout to Ali to stop. She turns and runs in the zoo. The SWAT team follow. 


Ali runs to the wolf enclosure but the werewolf is nowhere to be seen. As the SWAT team arrive a low growl is heard from a dark corner, outside the wolf enclosure. SWAT raise their guns but Ali gets between them and the werewolf. Ali pleads with Pete as SWAT tell her to get out of the way. The werewolf seems to understand but then it howls and charges at Ali.


The New York Police open fire and the wolf drops to the ground.


There, lying on the concrete, is Pete’s naked body, riddled with bullet wounds.


Ali collapses and weeps. She knows what has happened.


The credits roll with the song “Somebody’s Son” by Ryan Star





The word “son” or “sun” is in the title of every piece of music. 

The original had the word “moon” in every song.



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