Story Pitch for 'Jurassic Park 4'

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This is a story pitch to Amblin Entertainment for the next Jurassic Park film. Presented to Amblin Entertainment on 6th June 2011.

Submitted: October 23, 2015

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Submitted: October 23, 2015




Developed for Amblin Entertainment by Thom Goddard.

Date: 06.04.2011.


The film begins with the camera moving through the ruined remains of the original Jurassic Park. This highlights rusted cars on rails and the Visitor Center ruined by the raptors and T-Rex. But the camera keeps moving passed the center, through some trees and then over a ridge into bright sunshine. The music has built to a crescendo as it’s revealed the park is fully operational and a total success. This is Jurassic World.

Through a 10 minute montage we see thousands of people crowd through packed streets just like DisneyWorld. Big attractions include the T-Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Raptors, in the perfect enclosure, an aviary with Pterodactyls and a massive SeaWorld-esque tank containing a megalodon.

In the USA, an animal rights activist group, PAAC (People Against Animals in Captivity) think the park is cruel. One of its prominent members is Laura Sattler, daughter of Dr Ellie Sattler. Laura wants to see the dinosaurs not being exploited for profit but some in the group want to go further.

Meanwhile, still in the USA, a working-class family see an expensive car pull up at their house. Thinking it is the bank or another owed creditor, the father goes out to remonstrate with them. As the family watch through the window, the father calms down and walks back to the house with his head held low. He enters and looks miserable. It’s all an act though as the whole family has won a competition and will be going on a free holiday to Jurassic World for a week.

A week later the winning family are at the airport. They meet a work-obsessed but very wealthy businessman who has finally been convinced to take his obnoxious family on an all-inclusive holiday. Their destination: Jurassic World. The two families become friends. In the background we see the PAAC members also boarding the plane.

There is a montage of the plane journey to Jurassic World island. The families take an exclusive monorail to a hotel in the middle of the park with lots of time for the camera to show how incredible the place has become and how it is now every child’s dream. They are also given a safety demonstration showing how the park runs and how tourists are protected.

The PAAC members leave the airport but do not join the thousands of “regular tourists” on buses to local hotels. Instead they take taxis to the seedier side of the island. This is where the workers, cleaners and waiters live. This darker side to Jurassic World must exist if you have the clean, 5-star hotels for the tourists.

Here the PAAC members rendezvous in the back room of a grime-ridden bar. Laura Sattler is scared as this is not what she imagined. Here we hear the PAAC plan: after the last tourist of the day has left the park, they will detonate charges carefully placed around the site and free the dinosaurs. At the end of this scene they all leave happy the plan will work except Laura’s boyfriend Jake. He speaks to a fat, old central American man who tells Jake he couldn’t get the right radio detonators. Jake says it will be fine.

The following day the two families from the US go out and see the park. There is plenty of scope here to explore the park in any number of ways and show how dinosaurs never fail to capture the imagination.

Amongst this we see the PAAC members placing charges to sabotage the park. 

The two families meet for lunch at ‘Dino-Diner’ in one of the main eating areas but far from the main entrance. One of the safety team finds one of the explosive devices and security is put on alert. The PAAC team meet and think they have accomplished their mission but the final person to arrive tells them they’ve been discovered. Jake thinks about blowing up the park immediately but is convinced not to do so. However, the security team go on red alert and they put an electronic blanket over the park. This cuts the detonator link to the explosives and they all go off.  

There is an epic scene of dinosaurs escaping and all hell breaking loose.

From here on the poor and rich family must battle to survive whilst looking for means of escape. On their journey they encounter other groups of surviving tourists who, rather than work together, work against each other and are killed. This part of the film would be 'Posiedon Adventure'-like adventure for the two families and ask the audience: What would you do to survive? 

Laura Sattler has a crisis of conscience and instead of escaping the island, goes back to help as many tourists as possible. Through her fight she realizes that, though the dinosaurs are free, the park did provide a safe sanctuary to these rare and dangerous animals. At the end the rich family realize that they need to work harder to spend quality time together and the poor family realize that material wealth means nothing if you don’t have family.


Possible sequels

Part Two:

After the disaster on the island there is a global debate as to what to do with the dinosaurs. Eventually the UN agrees to go with USA’s suggestion and a private security firm is hired to wipe out the dinosaurs. Cue a militaristic invasion of the island and epic battle sequences between men armed to the teeth and dinosaurs. Imagine this film as an “Aliens” to Jurassic Park 4’s “Alien”. 

However, on hearing the news, an animal rights activist group, PAAC (People Against Animals in Captivity), enters the island and steals eggs from the research lab. Many of them are killed by dinosaurs and the plot thickens as some of them are killed by military personnel but they do get some eggs off the island.

Cue a Marvel-esque post titles sequence where a heard of elephants in Africa are grazing quietly. Only to be suddenly attacked by a T-Rex.


Part Three:

Dinosaurs are colonizing the Earth. The use of genetics has enhanced their growth patterns and they have spread to many parts of the world. This is a modern day battle between humans and dinosaurs on an unprecedented scale for the future of the planet.



Tentative Titles

a. Jurassic World / Jurassic Parkland / Jurassic Park: The New World

b. Jurassic World 2 / Jurassic Park War

c. Jurassic Planet / Jurassic War / Jurassic World 3



Developed for Amblin Entertainment by Thom Goddard.

Date: 06.04.2011.

©Thom Goddard 2011.

© Copyright 2019 Thom Goddard. All rights reserved.

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