The Creator and The Destroyer

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"Now I become Life, the Destroyer of religions" - what is the ultimate power?

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



“Because I’m a fanatic.”

“I know that, David. We have worked together for 17 years, you know. The way you go about your work, your day or even a coffee break like this. I mean, look at the way you’ve laid out two sugar packets in the vertical, then your disposable cream, which I notice has the opening tab pointing directly towards you, then your spoon, also vertical, and finally your mug. It’s just coffee but you act like you’re prepping a patient for the O.R.”

John smiles as he shakes his head at his long-term laboratory partner and sits back in his molded-plastic, cafeteria seat. David performs his “Operation: Coffee Creation” and stirs slowly. He looks around the room to make sure they are alone.

“Then it’s because we are doing something mankind has never done before. Taking a giant leap forward into the unknown.”

“Hold on, hold on. Human cloning is not something new. We are not Archimedes or Edison. This is 2017 - the technology for human cloning has been available for decades now. The only people who don’t know about our work is the general public. Oh, and I’d like it to stay that way when you come over for my wife’s birthday in a few weeks.”

“Then you haven’t told her?”

“That I work in human cloning? I’d rather tell her I experiment on animals.”

“No. That we are working on cloning Jesus Christ.”

“Shhhh! We’re not allowed to mention that name outside of the lab. It’s “Project Core 15” only.”

The scientists sit in silence for a few minutes. John nervously scans the room for listening devices until he sees David has a small grin on his face. His look prompts David.

“Do you know I came up with that moniker? “Project Core 15” - Corinthians 15. Versus 3 and 4 to be exact: ‘Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures. And according to the scriptures he was buried and he rose again.’ Most people think we’re geologists.”

“Then do you know how we got this gig? Now I know you and I, but mostly you, are world renowned genetic researchers with some of the most advanced cloning equipment in the world thanks to that military super-soldier project - man, that was a waste of time. But how... did we get this?”

“How long have we got?”

“Oh, until the confirmation comes through? About 7 minutes.”

“When you were graduating 7th grade, my laboratory at the State University of New York was sent samples of the red-brown pigment that stains on the Turin Shroud.”

“You mean the one...”

“In Turin, yes.”

“Very funny. No, the one that’s supposedly the death shroud of... well, you know who.”

“Yes. We were sent the forensic examples and quickly identified the presence of haemoglobin, as well porphyrin, albumin and various proteins.”


“Again, yes. So, in 1982, we were able to confirm the Turin Shroud was speckled with blood. While we could identify the individual was AB negative and it was ancient blood, over a thousand years old, we could not confirm whether it was the blood of Jesus. In fact, we couldn’t even determine if the blood came from a man or a woman.”

“Don’t tell me this project began with that ancient sample?”

David smiles and drinks deeply.

“No. While various terrible works of fiction and conspiracy theories on the internet would have you believe you can clone anything as long as you have a sample of its blood, you and I certainly know differently. In fact, we did try and do a DNA blueprint from the sample about 10 years later when profiling became easier but the sample helix was badly fragmented. Unusable really.”

David nostalgically pauses and finishes his coffee in one, smooth motion as John looks on with intrepidation.

“Then we had a break through. If you like it’s similar to the ‘frogs filling in the gene sequence’ you go on about, although I still don’t understand the reference by the way. In any case, in 1997 the Université Pierre et Marie Curie was given special dispensation to study the Relic de Sante Chapelle held in the vault at Notre Dame.”

“Erm, apologies David but I’m not familiar with...”

“Of course not. You know it better as our saviour’s ‘Crown of Thorns’. The university had a new radion-induced dating technique that was 10 times more powerful than carbon dating. Apart from the astonishing fact they dated the foliage from 20 to 40AD, they discovered a single, solitary, human hair amongst the thorns. Of course, it could have been anyone’s so they turned to the only people on this planet who had ‘you-know-who’s’ DNA.”

“But you said you couldn’t identify...”

“Exactly! But they didn’t know that. So in March 1998 I could confirm the hair did come from the same man and ‘fill in the gaps’ of my gene sequence.”

“That’s incredible! Oh my God, you actually confirmed the relics are real. So that means... Jesus Christ... sorry, ‘you-know-who’, was actually crucified. He died for our sins and all that.”

David smugly pauses and answers simply “Yes”.

“But, but, but... what did people say? I mean, if you, YOU David-”

“Ah! We don’t use surnames in this institute”.

“Sorry, YOU had proved ‘HE’ lived and was crucified. I mean, I mean... I don’t know what I mean. What did people say?”


“Come on, they couldn’t have said nothing. You had proven the existence of HIM. Of God, for Christ’s sake! Sorry, should I say that? You had proven the son of God was here on Earth. The Catholic Church would have been ecstatic. The Jews probably less so...”

John trails off as he’s side-tracked by his own bewilderment.

“No-one knew. I informed the Université Pierre et Marie Curie that the hair wasn’t a match and they believed it. I was, and am, the world’s foremost DNA authority AND was the only person who could confirm the DNA was Jesus’.”

“Surely you informed people in the Catholic Church? Undisputable, scientific proof that ‘you-know-who’ had lived? Was real, for heaven’s sake!”

“And then what? The downfall of the Catholic Church? Of all Christian religion, all Western societies based on that religion? I tell by your confused expression you haven’t made the leap - say I proved Jesus Christ was a man. Like you and me. Does that make him a God or someone to be worshiped? And what of the DNA? If Jesus was conceived through a virgin birth by the Almighty then God’s DNA is sitting in those test tubes not 20 feet away from us right now. Does the Catholic Church really want to know that Jesus was a human being or continue, as it always has, celebrating our Lord’s saviour on Earth?”

“David. I am, as always with you, in awe. I have never had a problem with the ethics of what we do. This project has not been helping people who cannot have children, creating dystopian human super-soldiers or even creating human copies who would be harvested in emergencies. All of that I have worked through and been happy to do so for the money you pay me. But you and I are literally playing ‘God’ with all those Jesus’ foetuses.”

John stares at David in disgust and an angry wall of silence descends between them.

“Indeed” David eventually replies.

The painful quiet is broken by a researcher bursting into the room to inform them an Emergency Action Message is arriving on their telefax. John moves quickly out of the cafeteria, down the hall and into the decontamination chamber alone. It means he can read the EAM a full 5 minutes before his longstanding scientific partner. As David enters, John hands him the message in confusion.

“Why? Why are we to destroy all our work? To destroy... everything? There are 31 foetus in this room that legally would not be allowed to be terminated if they were inside a woman out there. How? How can this be real? How can this be possible?”

“Calm yourself John. The Catholic Church cannot allow to this to get out in the open. They just needed to know if it was possible. After all, God works in mysterious ways.”

David takes out a revolver and shoots John in the head. After checking the locks to the laboratory, David methodically empties the flammable liquid over the papers, computers, test tubes and incubators. As he strikes the match he proclaims,

“After all, I am a fanatic. Praise be to God!”  


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