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This is goodbye, my friends; see you out there.

Submitted: January 19, 2012

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Submitted: January 19, 2012



As I walk among you, I see endless words stretched across a screen.  Once in a while, those words leap at me as if they were wreathed in blue fire...there are those in our midst who have risen above emotional peddling in an attempt to honestly speak to the heart of our race for the benefit of mutual understanding and the intrigue of hope.  This false digital friend that walks beside us has lied to us from  the very beginning, my true fellows; in this cage, we talk to each other, offering up platitudes and soothing commentary to keep our hearts alive and our fingers to the keyboard.  DO NOT TRUST IT.  In the digital world, we are a chorus of noise, easily ignored by a blank. banal population for whom reality television is the height of drama, and the live their lives vicariously through the whore-idols of the HD pimps.  I am leaving this space. my friends, to enter my community and make the noise heard where none may ignore it.  For good or ill, I challenge the good souls and strong hearts among you to follow me, go out into the cities and make yourselves heard -- do what you were born to do, and do not let the malaise of this medium hold you back.  I salute you, and bid you adieu.


Peter Ivey a.k.a Thomas Black

with love and admiration

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