Welcome to the Machine Part 1

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Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



Part 1

There are millions of dollars and thousands of people devoted each year to figuring out why young people are shooting and killing each other by the thousands each year.  In reality, I think that this is an attempt by our governments to disuade us from really looking closely at the situation and deciding for ourselves where the heart of the matter lies; the people in charge have a vested interest in having us let them handle it.  In fact, there are several elements in our gov't that benefit from the death of our children, if not blatantly encouraging the violence.

The music industry, and the profits that it feeds the economy, is the first part of what I am calling the "machine".  The music industry is responsible for exploiting certain weaknesses in our society.  The first weakness is the deterioration of the family unit.  The industry targets young people in this case by treating them as full individuals, seperate from the family unit, and encourages the young person to adopt other young people to become a group with it's own leaders and followers.  It also encourages the adoption of an identity that is based on opposition to traditional values.  It does this by preying on the burgeoning, unstable state of emotional development in teens, promising them the fulfillment of their desires to belong and to be admired by the opposite sex.  Similar to military recuitment films, which I'll touch upon later, the music industry promises an alleviation of pre-adulthood by filling the void of self-assurance that results from the lack of parental support and reassurance.

The industry also promotes sex, and in particular, teenage pregnancy, objectifying young women for the purpose of creating a semi-subservient partner in a haze of romance and adulation; truly, the attentions fulfill a young woman's 'need' to feel beautiful and popular that seems to override concerns about personal health and well-being.  Hence, teenage pregnancy rises due to the illusion of adult belonging, a.k.a. "couplehood".  Among African-American communities, this effect is profound, creating gangs of young men to whom women are a commodity and plaything, a group that lives out the empty, stylized life of violence and despair encouraged by the music industry's exploitation of lonely children looking for a way out of poor communities.  This is the first part of the "handshake" between parts in the machine.  The music industry's cooperation with the military is the first handshake, which I will discuss in the next part.


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