Welcome to the Machine Part 2

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Grand theory..part 2

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



Welcome to the Machine Part 2 -- Perpetuating a Lie


Last time I discussed how the music industry uses its influence to promote teenage pregnancy, violence in minority communities, and the early onset of individual rights among minors to perpetuate the gang movement.  This time we will take it a step further, and discuss how the military shakes hands with music, benefitting from the situation.


As North America empties of employable industry that involves little or no education, the poor and disenfranchised groups in western society naturally plug into the media on a more constant basis, and are influenced to become part of the failing of youth in the west.  This situation allows the military of the western world to pick up fresh recruits for the wars overseas, as they offer education and training to "rescue" youth from the degradations of the street.  The motive behind this is obvious; the military needs raw material to feed into the meat grinder -- it is as dead simple as that.


The casualties in the current Iraq war are mounting rapidly.  The general approach that the US has taken to the war was learned in places in the US' bloody past in places like Gettysburg, Normandy, and Iwo Jima has shown the country's leaders one thing:  if you throw enough bodies into the fray, you will gain victory.  Forty-six thousand dead at Gettysburg, (about the same on both sides) 175,000 in Normandy, (D-Day to +3) 4500 in Iwo Jima, (initial invasion, in the first four hours!!) and 4200 dead, 30,000 wounded in Iraq (this is only from 2003 to 2009!).  Of the latter numbers, fifty-four percent were 25 and under.  This means that nearly 16,000 young men and women came back from Iraq with missing limbs, brain and spinal injuries, or serious mental health issues.  This is an impressive track record, as 9/11 killed 3,000 and injured 6,000.  Similarly, Pearl Harbor was the site of 2400 US casualties, and after World War 2 the US paid a butcher's bill of 400,000 (casualties, not wounded).  This is the approach that the US military deems as effective, a method that requires, among other things, fresh bodies on a constant basis, in training and ready to be fed into the war machine.  How does this fit in?


Well, if you have a music industry influence and inherent cultural weakness that leads to poor people having more babies than they can take care of, babies that grow up hard and mean on the streets of depressed communities nation-wide, you develop a pool of disposable people whose anger and sense of apathy towards their fellow man (or woman) makes them ideal candidates for military retraining, indoctrination, and deployment.  About seventy-four percent of the current deployment in Iraq is Caucasian, eleven percent Latino, and nine percent black.  Since the middle class has disappeared in the west, which means a lot of poor or working-class youth are poised to become the next casualties of the machine.  That's okay though -- the home front is breeding a lot more youth to fill out those numbers, and ensure that those youth, without the possibility of higher education or employment, will be begging to throw themselves to the wolves before their 18th birthday.


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