A Frog Named Henry

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Submitted: March 17, 2007

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Submitted: March 17, 2007



This story and everything I am about to tell you is true. Unbelievable? Maybe. Strange? Definitely! But completely true. It all started with a little frog named Henry. After youth group one night; Sahs, Val, and I wanted to talk with this kid named Zach. He was new in the youth group and seemed pretty cool. Soon, Zach’s mom arrived to pick him up. He wanted to introduce us to her, so we all went outside. As we were walking outside, Sahs yelled, "Frog!"

"Where?" Screamed Val. She started looking around wildly, so she didn’t step on him. (She hates bugs and slimy critters of any kind.)

"Don’t worry, he can’t hurt you." I said, looking at Val, "he is already dead." Sahs, Zach and I went over for a better look. Yep, he sure was dead alright! It looked like he had gotten run over by a van shortly before we had come outside. One whole side of him was smashed, completely flat! That frog wasn’t going anywhere! We walked over near Zach’s mom’s car, introduced ourselves and started talking. All the sudden it hit me! I turned to Sahs with big eyes, like a four year old on Christmas Day. "Lets pray life into the frog!" I said. I was trying to get Val worked up again, without much success.

So Sahs and I started praying for the frog. We weren’t really that serious. We were both kind of just... joking around. When we finished praying... nothing happened. No big surprise there, right? So we just started talking again. Then about five minutes later, out of nowhere, Val pointed at the frog and screamed, "IT MOVED!" Yeah right we thought. The thing was flatter then a pancake.

Yet we all ran over ad circled around the frog like a fight on the school playground! The frog moved again, just a little, but this time we all saw it. We stood there dumbfounded! How was it possible? It gave a little hop... then another. It was limping, but it was definitely alive and kicking! We gently picked it up and moved it off to the side so it could hop into the grass. "Go little frog go," we cheered. Sahs and I were pumped! Val on the other hand wasn’t so thrilled, she liked the frog better non-moving, I think.

The next day at school, at our lunch table, I started retelling the story to a bunch of my friends. My friend Alex overheard, came up and started asking me more about this weird story.

So, I told him the whole story. Then he asked me "Does prayer really work for dumb things like that?" The I told him, "The only way that miracles do happen is because of what God did. He died for us and sacrificed His life for us. He rose again, and gave us the power to do awesome things like this! Ok, maybe not always frogs exactly, but all kinds of miracles! The greatest miracle is that because of Him we are alive today!"

Then he turned to me and asked, "How can He forgive all the bad things I have done?"

That’s the beautiful thing about God’s love." I said. "You are always forgiven every time no matter what! God forgave you and washed it all away with his blood when He was mailed to that cross." I explained to him.

"Thank you, Tj. For the story of the frog and of Jesus and of... everything it means a lot to me." Then we prayed the sinners pray and he came back to Christ!

The next Wednesday at youth group, I couldn’t wait to tell Sahs what happened! I explained the story and everyone was shocked. Who would have thought someone would get saved over a smashed up old frog? That day we named the frog Henry. It opened my eyes and I thought, no matter who you are or what you are, you can still help people find God. Kinda like that ugly old frog helped Alex understand God’s love and Sacrifice for him. Then I started thinking... what is a sacrifice? It’s giving something up for the benefit or good of someone else. You could say that poor frog sacrificed pain, mobility and even his life for awhile... why? I didn’t really know why... but through it all God had his plan.

To tell you the truth, it really made me think about how much He gave for us and How lucky we are to have a God like that.

To this day we still talk about our special little friend the frog named Henry, and the amazing result of his sacrifice.

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