The Trust

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This is to someone who needed me and i wasnt there but i needed her too

Submitted: March 03, 2007

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Submitted: March 03, 2007



I know I let you down now,

I dont know what to do.

Your friendship means a lot now,

But I dont know if I can trust you too.


She ment a lot to me,

Now shes gone, well thats fair.

The word that you said just stung me like a bee,

There is not much I can say but I still care.


I been going through it the same,

I always wanted you to call.

So we can talk about the pain,

I guess it made me feel tall.


Only you know, So please dont tell,

It's been happening for awhile.

I think it just rang a bell,

I need help more then ever; I dont want to see the blood on the tile


I dont stop Praying for you,

Can you talk to me.

I guess i feel like poo,

But why didnt you call me?


I said I would be there,

And you would do the same.

But if you would call me I would be there,

But when I called it didnt do the same.


You were never home,

So to take my mind off; I would hang out with her

I think I wrote this Poem,

To say I am sorry for the hurt.


 From someone with the same pain

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