Fiend Princess

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About those things you know you shouldn't do and how you handle them. About bad decisions and how some people can just convince you to make them.

Submitted: April 04, 2016

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Submitted: April 04, 2016



Fiend Princess



She called me today.


"I just got out of rehab."


Wanted to know

if I'd

come see her.


"It's been awhile,

you know."


I know,

you crazy fuck.


"Oh, come on

I know you remember."


Remember what?

The drunken escapades?

(however fun)

The senseless

one-sided conversations?

The sheer lack

of happiness?

of life?

The horrible sex?

The binging?

The purging?

The vomiting?

The death?

The destruction?

The mindless killing?

The blood bath?

The fallout?

The smoldering ashes

of the crumbling city?


Of course I do.


"So will you come by

and see me?"


Of course I will.

© Copyright 2018 thomas grant. All rights reserved.

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