Over The Edge Of The Abyss

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Being in a terrible situation with someone you love. When you wish they could help you or you could help them, but they are right there with you and you with them.

Submitted: April 07, 2016

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Submitted: April 07, 2016



Life Is A Bottomless Pit



Standing on the edge,

Madly in love,

tethered to each other.

Together we stare

into the maelstrom of the swirling


And God and our future

stare back.

A God who I am not sure is mine,

A future we are not sure is our


The longer we gaze

into unending,

the more unsteady

our footing becomes,

until our legs are shaking,

strength giving way to exhaustion

struggling against an invisible hand

gently nudging us closer and closer

toward the cliff,

Chased to the brink

by a single mistake,

until we are cornered

terrified and growling

like cornered beasts,

lashing out

at nothing but ourselves.


Finally we slip,

plummeting into darkness,

dragging the other down with us,

for we are linked,

we are coupled,


Down through the uncertainty

of time, swirling nothingness

and unknowing.

Flipping and spinning,

losing all sense of direction,

as my true north is

is now part of more than

three dimensions

and I'm no longer sure

of what I see.

Ever downward we plunge

into undiscovered depths

of fears we only

now are aware we have.

Falling together, trying to reach out

and touch the other,

to pull them close,

but the distance is too great,


only as close as a memory.


Falling into the gaping mouth

of a snarling, unchained

nightmare demon,

Falling into a grave

that has not bottom,

Falling into the wide, dark eye

of a deer frozen in

terror, as cars blast

down the highway at midnight,

when it thinks it predators

are sleeping.

Falling into the open drain

of an apartment we may never have.

Falling into the night

followed by someone else's tomorrow.

Falling through a circle of dancing

daffodils, laughing hestarically

as the spring comes early and stays


and in their minds they are eternal,


through words with no meaning

through questions with no

right or wrong answers,

with no answers at all,

through weeks and months

where nothing happens,

through howls

and the sounds of silence.

Falling through despair

that tears at us

with thorns and lashes out with

vines, growing from a wicked forest

protecting the sleeping

innocence of a long forgotten







Falling to where we kneel,

on our livingroom floor,


crying into each other's shoulder.

We look at each,

finally touching again and for a split second

we are here,


and we remember,

I love you.

I love you,


I love you so much.

I hope that is enough.


could it still be,

is there still hope?


We are falling again.

Life can feel like

a bottomless pit, sometimes.


© Copyright 2020 thomas grant. All rights reserved.

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