Sweet, Beautiful, Poison

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A few words about one of those women, one of those mythical women

Submitted: April 02, 2016

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Submitted: April 02, 2016



Sweet, Beautiful, Poison


That girl is poison.

She creeps

Through you slowly,

The way

Bad acid seeps

To your deepest fears.

She'll tear out

Your heart

And bury it

In an old mason jar

On the lakeshore

Where she dances

In the moonlight.


And from time

To time

There is a softness

Somewhere behind

Her wicked smile,

But behind that softness,

Is an evil

That sends a chill

Down the spine

Of even the most black-hearted


She is on

Another level of darkness.

The kind of darkness

Only found

In the damnedest of souls.


She'll suck

The life out of you.

She'll use up

All your inspiration.

She'll make you

Forget about passion.

You will tell yourself

"This must be

What love is all about."

This woman,

This woman is poison.


But she doesn't


All she knows

Is herself,

For she must

Eternally be reassured

Of her beauty,

Or her sparkle

Will fade.

Even with all her power,

She only lives

Through her lovers.

Without them,

She would wither

And fade,

Like photographs

From her hundred year reign,

As queen of the



But of course

She will still be here,

And she will

Be here

For a hundred years more,

Bathed in the moonlight,

Dancing by the lake

Atop the hearts

Of all the great men

Who have fallen

At her heels.

© Copyright 2018 thomas grant. All rights reserved.

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