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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
When two scientists are asked to help with some experiments everything goes terrible wrong. Horror is created from such dreams that could save man kind or destroy it

Submitted: September 29, 2013

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Submitted: September 29, 2013




How do begin? How do I imagine to share with anyone who is not willing to open their mind, not just a little. The accounts, yes the accounts of this are not believable, I have a hard time myself believing in it. No one could have thought, no not Even I Harold Bucharsie could have… I thought I had done the math write, I’m sure, I looked over all possible outcomes, I looked at all the paperwork, hell I looked at all the clipboards, the test tubes. Perhaps It’s not of our knowledge. Look at me I’m rambling to myself,  How could we have no knowledge of it we made it right here in our labs.

It was just a week or so ago, yes I remember even clutching to my severed arm I still remember. It’s better to keep my mind on something, I might as well think of something, and although the events leading after it were unbearable, horrible beyond belief. Belief. Belief he, he. Such an odd word belief. They said we couldn’t oh, but we did we proved them wrong, we proved them all wrong. Can’t create life my ass. Whoa. I’m getting ahead of myself already, pardon me. I do not have much time, no not much time at all.

Let me begin  by writing down the beginning of the discovery, the discovery that changed the life of mine, and my groups, and the world. Me and Helen Kelie were driving up to norway from Sweden. We had flown down, or up i guess it doesn’t matter from Germany. Before we arrived Dr. Kelie, and I were partaking in works that I can’t reveal to you, nor can’t even hardly remember, or HARDLY CARE. Sorry, sorry the tension is killing me in this room. The screams, shortly being silenced. The loud bangs of the walls, Running of people all across the hallway. It’s only a matter of time Until that gets me for Dinner, that Erpal. That word sounds made up yes, well that’s ‘cause it is. I ought to be the one that names that thing hadn’t I. After all I was the one who created it.

Dr. Kelie, and I flew up to Sweden where we drove across the borders of Norway. Going through security of course. That damn security nothing is safe anymore. We must’ve drove for a long time for most of the we were slept exhausted from the experimenting, the flight, the driving, the moving the waiting the everything, Everything. Sorry for my Punctuation, but it I don’t think matters to much when I just want to get this story out, so that when they kill that thing That Erpal they have a little understanding on what it was. We arrived finally at some town I couldn’t tell you the name they never gave me it. We were greeted by Dr. Viktor Gregers. He was a tall Handsome fella Smart as any of us for sure.

“Hallo, hallo velkommen,” he said. My Norwegian was weak, and didn’t really understand him well. However I took his hand, so did Helen. “You are the Americans, No?” he asked we nodded both in agreement not wanting to say too much after a long journey. “Come on, come on we have much to talk about don’t you think? It’s so nice you two could come on such short notice. Why we didn’t expect you two to make it Dr. Kelie, and Professor Bucharsie”

“Why did you bring us here may I ask.”

“Vi er alle venner her” he said.

“What,” I asked slightly embarrassed?

“We are all friends here, no need to be hasty. Now I’m sure after a long journey you to are tiered. Come I’ll show you to your rooms.” He did to make it short. We slept, and prepared our… What use of this boring crap. Here let me recall after all the procedures the meetings with other scientist, the grand welcome dinner, oh how i wish to be there now eating that roasted chicken, yum. Sorry, sorry, let me start now by telling you exactly what we were doing. Perhaps you were hoping for more of a build up, more of big surprise, well this ain't no fantasy, this is my life, and although short, and with little time left I might as well tell you. We were surprised to find that very discovery to which I mentioned earlier. Dr. Kelie, and I sat down at a conference room deep within the facility where I’m sure no cameras or recording devices could be used. They even took both our phones, that that I had the ability to record using the phone, but Dr. Gregers took no chances.

“Nothing’ that is said or discussed here will be repeated. All that is conversed about in this room is completely confidential. If I find any information leaked, I will make sure neither of you will find any job, not even as a Street sweeper. Understood?” We both nodded. Now that might not be the exact words he used, some were mispronounced others completely in Norwegian which I had to recall way back in my mind to know what he was saying. I was anxious, Helen I couldn’t tell she was blankley listening, or maybe she was I don’t remember Don’t Rush me! Anyway Viktor continued, “Now we have been working very hard on this. Hell I’m surprised that it hasn’t been blabbed about in every newspaper, and blog in the world.

“We have been,” Viktor gave a chuckle “competing with other large corporations. Perhaps even God himself. Let me elaborate for years people have been working on the origins of our existence, of course some people still believe in Old Bronze Age Myths. People claimed only the ‘all almighty’ could create life, but we did it,” he paused to catch his breath.

“Did what Dr.” Helen asked?

“Life,” he said.

“Life,” I questioned?

“Yes, yes we’ve done what was thought to be impossible by people that take advantage of our science to talk down on science.” Helen and I sat dumbstruck. A million, and a half questions ran through my mind. So was Helen she however look I was speechless. After years of research, dedication and hardwork science had made the biggest discovery since, since well well right now I can’t think not with all this pressure. I hear it looking for prey, which isn’t hard. Not hard at all.

“Why did you call us,” Helen asked? Viktor smirked.

“Why you two, you two are perhaps the greatest biologists of our time, except for maybe Richard dawkins, and a few other people. Nevermind that now, nevermind that now. Why Harold you are amazing at writing research papers, and reviews, which is why you are requested to write a full report on all what we are doing here. And Helen you are asked to help continue our little experiments.”

“May we see it,” asked Helen eagerly?

“Why of course, we’d be honored. You as well Harold?” I nodded, yes. “Excellent now you must understand that it is very hard to let’s say keep it alive. For it is in a very, very early stage of life, and we must kill any other single celled organisms that have had billions of years to evolve where it hasn’t even barely had ten days.” We all left the room, and ventured over to a decontamination room. They strapped on hazmat suits I guess you’d call them. They were very thorough in making sure we were as clean as possible, which was normal. We entered to sets of doors. One open automatically by the push of a button a security guard pressed. Once we entered the small room, The doors closed sharply, a short compression sound of air told this was air tight. Viktor typed in some code to a keypad, to long, to fast for me to have caught it. The next door opened, but with a pull of a two levers. One inside the other on the inside where a security guy with a blue security guard checked us through the glass door, he gave a thumbs up, and on the count of 3-2


Sorry there was a rather close scream that startled me greatly. It must be coming I don’t have much time left, no, no, no,no. Ugh my pencil broke, but I have another luckily. Let me try to remember where i was. Ah yes we got in the lab two scientist one probably the others assistant approached us giving Viktor a clip board. “her er rapportene sir” he said while Viktor grabbed the clipboard to which he studied very carefully, rather quickly. “er at alle” Viktor shook his head no.

“Meet our new associates. Here is Dr. Helen Kelie, and Professor Harold Bucharsie. They shall be working here under my request.” The man looked at us with a big smile.

“Hei Jeg har hørt mange gode ting om dere to” Me, and Helen smiled. Of course Helen was much better with languages then I so I have no doubt that she had a better understanding of what he said then I. I looked a little confused though which is why He clarified himself. “Sorry Professor, I am Aware that Helen is more er what is the word, bilingual?  I said I’ve heard a lot of your works. I’m looking forward to working with you Dr. Kelie, and a great paper by you Professor.” He shook both our hands’, first Helen’s then mine. I caught of something shiny in his suit. A cross.

“Now let’s see that discovery.” Viktor said walking into another room where another Blue hazmat man nodded us off. It was a little hard to look inside that suits, but perhaps the number on Viktor's personal suit was the way the guards recognized him. We approached a microscope very advanced, I’m not sure if I remember exactly the model, but it was sure no high school model, nor a top research teams.  There was a large Container that was obviously holding the life, as well as freezing it. Another guard entered a key into the container.

“Why so much security,” I asked?

“You see he said over a microphone, we mustn't want anyone messing with or stealing or really altering are plans.”


“Yes we have actually discovered not only how to create life, but to encode the cell to become anything we want, we can make it a lung cell, a liver cell, even a brain cell carrying whatever directions we want in it’s DNA.”

“Whoa I can see why you want to keep it hidden,” I said.

“Especially with all this crazy wars all over the world, we wouldn’t want this stuff falling into the wrong hands.”

“What else can you encode,” Helen asked? “Can you perhaps make an entire organism.” Viktor pondered over this for a little until he finally said.

“Why yes now that I think about it yes, we can, which is somewhat why we asked you personally, Dr. Kelie, we want you to help us encode several different fresh new cells to collaborate, and form a creature. Of course a simple animal at first of course. Perhaps a small puppy”

“Puppy, a puppy how do you think I do that.”

“It’s actually much more simple than you think, we’ve actually already made an entire grasshopper.” He nodded toward the guard, he opened the container again, he grabbed  a very large cube of ice. How spectacular, we were all shocked at first, it was about the size of a football. At first I didn’t give two thoughts about it, but then I realized it was blu, harry too, and perhaps a little misshapen then an actual grasshopper. I’ve once studied very carefully of grasshoppers making many notes on appearance this one had a some same characteristics but was definitely not a grass -hopper.

“Yes, I know that it is blue. Infact we programmed that very thing myself. I know the size is a bit odd, but we just had to see if it could be done. We copied a lot from a real grasshopper, and also some other animals that we’ve studied their DNA for a long time. Now we have had some very great Ideas about what to program into, surely not a puppy I ensure, but perhaps we could help world hunger in many ways. One I personally came up with, a cow that has some DNA of a plant growing off unnecessary meat, or should i say plant from it’s back if we get it right, like an apple or a mushroom. There would be no need for slaughtering the thing just clip off a part of the extras. Which will grow back.

“We found we can grow things really fast, like that grasshopper. It only took about three weeks. We would have done it faster, but we wanted to see if we could taken more notes upon the way the thing grows. Now let’s see that cell.” I had at the time somewhat forgot the individual cell, but instead focused on the Millions, Billions, maybe infinite things you could do, or make. Viktor had set up the cell, as well as the microscope. Surprisingly no light came on to help the view, it was mighty dark, and cold in this room. Helen look at it first, she gave a mighty gasp.

“Dr. It is so beautiful. What is the source of light that is making it so bright, may I ask?”

“Why we have actually encoded a illumination into it. Perhaps that is not the most basic, but it is very close enough that we only changed one thing to make it easier to look at.”

“Harold come here take a look.” She grabbed me rather swiftly and pushed me to the microscope. I peered to see the most spectacular thing I have seen in all my years of biology. I had barely believed it until I could see the thing with my own eyes. It was hard to describe especially when I can’t hardly catch my breath in this small storage closet. It’s closer, closer, closer. To shorten it we immediately went to work. I’d type out all the work Helen did, while Helen did all the work on a fresh new batch of cells.

The processes of making new cells were not given to me nor did I think Helen, but we worked, well she worked on the stuff while I took notes. It was quite an exciting Three months. Those months were the closest thing I have to remember. We hardly rested or took breaks, it wasn’t too hard when you're as determined as we were. We had copied the DNA off a golden retriever, as well as another animal, I think some sort of Black Lab. Of course we that combination was not what did it no, it wasn’t.

I remember exactly what caused the things  to go wrong all wrong completely wrong, wrong indeed. It was that man we had met earlier the one that gave the charts to Viktor. He did it, he was the cause of it I know I saw him do it . Infact I can recall exactly what happened. Must I write it, what happened. I’ve come this far, this far without being killed, I might as well explain what happened that caused this whole disaster this whole slaughter. Ugh, Ugh, Ugh. I never could remember how to spell his name. Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Stress. It’s coming I know it is, I know it is.

The day was when we were so close to completing what Helen had been making, and I recording. Viktor was impressed how fast we were , Helen, and I were a great team, the best team, the one Viktor had requested. The outside was lovely, so lovely that after days of hard work Helen left to enjoy a break. Viktor, and some other workers of the facility as well left to enjoy the day. The security was a little less tight although in my opinion it should have been more secure with Viktor, and the most of the workers off to go and explore the Norwegian cities, or whatever they were doing, that is what I guess Helen was doing.

Never was such a day more beautiful, I was able to stroll around the facility for about a half hour to look at how beautiful it was. Norway is such a beautiful country. Indeed. As I returned to the little workshop that was where I would Check all the Data, then double check, a little thing that I only occasionally did when I wasn’t Collecting Data. At the computer was what I thought was Viktor based by the suit he was wearing. He must've stolen it from the locker room. “Viktor,” I called him “I thought you had taken the day off.” He didn’t respond not at all. I could tell somethingwas shifty. I grabbed him to peer inside the hazmat suit that was dark inside, but I could just make out the man that caused it all. Yes he was mad. He held a cross in one hand, and shouted.

“du vil aldri ta min gud” Then pushed me aside. knocking me to the floor he ran off. I pressed the panic button that alarmed the entire building. It was too late, too late too late. I wish I hadn’t taken my walk around the buildings. A guard ran up to me.

“What did you do that for?” as he dragged me off the floor. I quickly looked at the computer.

“That man was not Viktor It was ---” WHATEVER HIS NAME WAS. he quickly ran after him calling others telling them of the imposter, and to get the real Viktor at once. I was preoccupied with looking at the computer. It was too late of course, you can tell it was too late too late. A loud growl came from within the room where all the Encoding went on. I couldn’t tell what he changed at first. Then I noticed he put in some DNA from something I had not seen probably made up, but it appeared to make the monster the Erpal More dangerous more angry more rabid, more strong.

I couldn’t stop it I tried the terminate button that sent Toxic air unbreathable by anything that we put in their. The creature was visible only by It’s shadow, It was behind stained glass strong enough to stop a shark that had come up incase the gas came up. The lunged forward creating a large crack in the glass. A few guards came immediately trying to find The imposter, as well as see what made that noise. They asked what that was, I all I could utter was. “I don’t know.” Suddenly it Lunged again making the glass nearly broken. We all took a step back. One of the guards called for backup. Just then It made another Lunge, Crack, Shatter, The glass broke all over the place white fumes of gas started to fill the room. The monster was standing on the computer, and broke it trying to get on the floor.

Some of the Fumes shielded it’s body which was not much, and I can now, and Always remember, it’s exact appearance until the day I die. Which I fear is that day. The body was Much Like a Black lab, but with Grey fur with white patches, and some bare skin showing from the cuts on his body. His claws were like large knifes that probably could cut deep into any living body. It’s face was contorted not much like Retriever nor lab, but a K-9 lion with Teeth all clearly visible All looking clean, all looking Hungry, Hungry, Hungry. He Jumped at me first, how I didn’t die I do not know why. He ripped off my left arm completely. Pain was unbearable. In knocked me to the floor while biting it off like it was a leaf a tree.

A Guard Kicked him off. I rushed away, reluctantly. The kick didn’t push it much, but enough for me to escape. The Guard used his radio “I Need Backup Right--” The Erpal Jumped right onto to him biting off his hazmat suit then his face. It was a horrible site.  I ran as quick as I could. Screams behind me were as loud as I’d ever hear them. It hurt so much to leave them, but my forearm was completely off, and I needed help fast. Gunshots went off loud and fast, but was abruptly ended with another scream. Guards past me hurriedly with guns that should have ended it’s life.

I ran through both doors in a hurry, slamming on them trying to get the attention of someone to open the door. I stood by the door to see if anyone else would be coming. A few more screams then cut off took place before a man come limping to the second door. The creature was slowly walking toward him with hungry eyes, and it licked its lips cleaning the blood of it’s muzzle. The man slammed on the door “Let me out!” He screamed “ Don’t let me Die.” The Guard was about to press a button.

“No,” I said. “Unless you want everyone in the facility dead I strongly suggest you do not open that door. The man was on the crying, crying, crying. I wish I could Help oh how I wish, but the creature lunged at him which made the man scream. I ran “Get out while you still can.” The Guard ran to the emergency EXIT, but I knew where I had to go. The sick bay immediately. Upon entering I locked the door, and barricaded it with a chair.

“What are you doing” said the Dr. She stood confused. “Oh my you’re bleeding horribly I need to put pressure on it right away.”

“No time,” I said. I grabbed a few more things that were nearby, and completely surrounded the door with a desk a few chairs some other things. “That won’t last long,” I told her. “I need you to patch me up right away then you need to vacate the premise immediately. Call the police if you can.” She did all that I asked. The Erpal had come this far it tried to get through the door, but must’ve given up upon other prey. More gunshots, and screams, screams, screams!!!!

How I wished I never to got on that flight. Just stayed in Germany. instead of flying to Sweden To cross the border to this facility that was just on the edge of Norway. Now I wait, wait, wait,wait,wait. In this storage closet in the Sick bay, or whatever it was called. Anyway I hear it coming, closer, closer. The things barricading the door are destroyed  from the thing returning to find me, and finish what It started, but other Victims came, and drew its attention to them. But now I could hear footsteps, even over the loud, loud, loud sirens. Sirens that kept going off, incessantly never stop this thing will never stop know not ‘till It gets me or gets killed.

How ridiculous that I think it wants to get me personally. It’s just Hungry Hungry HUNgry. know that it loves screams, it eats slowly to hear the screams,the screams that echoed through the door. Footsteps came directly to the door. I held my breath, held it like a newborn baby trying not to drop it in the slightest. To my surprise the door knob turned, which was impossible with the type of limbs it had. I exhaled in relief as to see it was Helen. She had blood smeared over half her face, and scratches all over her face. She hugged me, resting her chin on my shoulder. She held me tight, tight, tight. Then I heard the sound of a gun being cocked and--image01.png\"


Translations thanks to- Google Translate-

Blood stain thanks to

Story Written, and edited by: Thomas Hammond

Written using Google Docs.

This story is not against Norway, Sweden or Germany. This story is also not against Science, or anyone in the Science Community. Thats about all its not against.

© Copyright 2020 Thomas Hammond. All rights reserved.

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