World War III Isis in space

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World War III broke out in the year 2016 and all young men 18 to 26 have been drafted. Follow a young man as he shares his experiences after being pulled out of high school to fight the war against the Middle East, Russia, and North Korea in space.

Submitted: December 01, 2015

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Submitted: December 01, 2015



It was a nice spring day in 2016 when Shane Peterson got the letter. He had just finished a jog and was going to go to the gym when he got home and opened the letter that was from the selective service. It said he hadto report for bott camp training in Houston, Texas in two weeks. Since the war was being fought in space, and on the moon, all men were required to have six months of training in Houston Texas at NASA. When Shane opened the letter he was not worried at all, in fact he was excited he had wanted to be an astronaut since sixth grade and this was his dream to be in outer space. Shane had planned to go to school for aeronautical engineering at the United States Naval Academy, but he realized that plan would have to be on hold while he defends his country. Shane had thought to himself how he would tell the people he loved that he was drafted, he was not worried at all in fact he was secretly enthusiastic but his mother, girlfriend and sisters wouldn't be. Shane knew he had to tell his parents so he closed the mailbox and went inside the house. When Shane was in the house he walked into the kitchen where his mother was cooking dinner. "Oh Shane" his mother said, "I'm amking your favorite, pasta with meatballs and sausage" Shane did not know how to say it so he just held up the letter, "Whats that"? Shane's mother asked. "It's a draft letter Mom" Shane said in a monotone voice. Shane's mother quickly grabbed the letter to look at it hoping it wasn't true. "No, No, NO, NO, NO" his mom cried out. When Shanes father heard the noise he quickly ran downstairs "What's wrong Grace"? Shane's father asked his mother. "He's been drafted" she said holding up the letter. Shane's father hesitated "How long do you have son"? "Two weeks" Shane responded, Shane's father walked over to him and put his hand out to shake his sons. "Good Luck, son" "NO" Shane's mother shouted again, "You can't go we'll think of something anything we'll burn your ticket we'll lie about his age, he's not ready" Shane's mother started to cry. "Mom I can't do that" Shane said with pride. Shane was patriotic and knew he had to defend his country he was not liberal like his mother was Shane was very conservative in his thinking, knowing that he fully supported the war President Romney had started while others did not. "I have to go Mom, I have to" Shane's mother had broken down by this point almost falling to her knees if her husband had not caught her in his arms "Hunny he's a man and he has to do this" Shane agreed with his father on most world views especially the war. If any of the enemies the Middle East, Russia, or North Korea try to spread communism to a moon colony America would not survive, and we would have no way of getting our resources from there anymore. Ever since Mitt Romney became president in 2012, he did so many things including starting oil companies on the moon and also metal and solar companies. In 2015 when Isis arrived on the moon and attacked one of the companies, he declared a state of war.

Shane's younger sisters had just gotten home Nimue, Abby and little Rosey who Shane had a special relationship with. Shane did not bother telling his siters because he knew his parents were probably going to talk to them that night. That night while Shane was sleeping Rosey knocked on his door "Yeah Rosey"? Shane asked "Are you really going to war?" Rosey asked him worriedly, Shane did not like Rosey to be worried becuase she was never worried her personality is a happy rambunctious girl. So Shane had to thinnk of a way to tell her yes without worrying the six year old even more. "Hey are you worried because I might be going to war"? Shane asked, Rosey then shook her head worriedly. "Well, you don't have to think of it as a war" Shane said, "You can think of it as a fun game of hid and seek, and when you start to miss me you can look up at the stars and youll find me. "Really" the six year old asked excited "Yeah" Shane answered back, "okay, I can't wait until you leave now, I love hide and go seek" she said and then ran out of the room. "Shane enjoyed his little sister as the excited girl that she was. Shane had then realized that the only one he has to tell now is his girlfriend Emma.

The next day Shane woke up and drove over to Emma's house, it was saturday and her parents are usually gone on saturdays so this time was their breakfast date. Shane arrived at her door and rang the bell. Emma then answered it "Shane" she shouted exciedly as she lunged toward him to give him a hug, come in I made your favorite for breakfast Pancakes with Blueberry syrup, bacon and hasbrowns. "That sound really good babe" Shane said as he leaned in to kiss her. After they kissed Emma pulled away telling him to sit down at the table, "Wait I have to tell you something first Shane said" "What is it"? Emma asked, Shane hesitated, "Come on you can tell me anything" Emma said. "I've been called to war" Shane blurted out Emma stared blankly for a minnute "You're kidding" "No" Shane answered "When"? Emma asked "two days" Shane said. When Shane saw the tears in Emma's eyes he quickly wiped them away telling her not to cry, Shane could not stand when Emma was sad. "Don't cry" he said while hugging his girlfriend. "Hey what do I have to do to get you to stop crying" "Don't go" Emma said "You know I can't do that" Shane told her "I know" Emma responded as she started to cry again "Hey" Shane grabbed her and kissed her they both started to kiss eachother, the next minute Shane and Emma found themselves in Emma's bed, They both pulled eachother's shirts off, do you have a condom? Shane asked "Yeah I have one, she then quickly grabbed a pack from her nightstand, "I love you so much" Shane said, as they continued to kiss, Shane unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off, Emma did the same, and then unhooked her bra. "God I love you" Shane said again the two started to do it again. Shane stopped for a second, wait I wann make sure this is really what you want, I don't want to take this away from you and then leave you. Emma looked at him then pulled his boxer briefs off "But I do" she said. The two started to do it again.

After Emma was lying on her bed with her boyfriend next to her. "Please don't die" Emma said "If you die, I'll kill you" Emma said Shen laughed at his girlfriends witt which was one of the thinngs he loved about her. "Hey I'm not going to die, I have to spennd six months training beofore I even go anywhere so I'll be good babe". "You better" Emma said as they two teenagers then cuddled.

The day came and  Shane had to get on the bus to leave for Houston. Shane had finished packing a duffle bag of his stuff, gym shorts, gym shirts, his running sneakers and a picture of his sisters, and his girlfriend. Shane was ready to go, he got outside and hugged his sisters first "You better bring back a present" Nimue said, Shane liked how she wasn' as worried as everybody else "Will do sis" as he punded fists with the fourteen year old. "I'll miss you" as Abby hugged her brother, I'll miss you to as he hugged the twelve year old. Finally he said goodbye to Rosey picking her up and hugging her,"Oh, I'm gonna miss you Rosey" Rosey then gave him her pink bunny stuffed animal. "Whenever you start to miss me you can look at the bunny and think of me" Shane who had never cried once in his teenage life had managed to shed a tear after Rosey gave him the bunny, "Will do Rosey" Shane then hugged his Mom, and then went to the car with his father who was driving him to the bus station. Shane told Emma not to come because he knew she would be sad and he did not want his last image of her to be sad.

When Shane got on the bus, with the other men he looked out the window and saw Emma running after the bus that started to move. He quickly looked out the wondow, "Emma" What are you doing"? "I had to say goodbye to you" she yelled trying to keep up with the bus. "I also have to tell you something" Emma shouted "What"? "I'm pregnant" she said "What"? Shane asked "I'm pregnant" Emma yelled as she continued to run after the bus, "WHAT"? Shane yelled "I'M PREGNANT" Emma yelled one last time. Shane had heard it that time, "Hey man congratulations another young man said to him, the young mans name was Blaine...Blaine Marrero, I have a girlfriend to she's the best Blaine said as he pulled out a picture and showed it to Shane. What's your name Shane... Shane Peterson.

When the bus arrived in Houston all the men got off. Boot Camp was going to be tough and Shane knew that. When all the men gathered in the room they had been directed they were given a camo uniform to wear for physical training and for astronaut training they were given a flight suit, depending on you rank, the new men were all given white flightsuits. with a NASA patch on the left side and the american flag on the right side. "All right men" a voice shouted "listen up, My name is Lieutenant David, you will all be trained to endure the most harshest tasks that you will most likely face and the fact that the battles will either be on the moon or in space makes it harder, especially considering since none of you are trained astronauts, luckily NASA is kind enough to offer their facilities for training. now men you will all be seperated into platoons for training this will also be your platoon in battles. When you hear your name please get up and follow your platoon. Peterson, Marrero, Anderson, Abraham, Gaudio, Spencer, and Roberts you will all be with Lieutenant Henrie. All of the men were young, they were all around Shane's age, even Lieutenant Henire was young, he was actually one of the youngest lieutenants there at age 23.

"All right men, I'll be your platoon leader and I'm also your lieutenant, now one more thing before your training starts. Shane had noticed the picture of another man sticking out of his pocket, Shane started to wonder if his lietenant was. "Now before rumors start going around, because I know you're all staring at the picture in my pocket, Yes this is my husband, anf If I hear any of you guys making fun of his picture I will kill you" Later that night all men in the group were talking and each of them shared somethig personal about themselves, Henrie had already shared that he was gay earlier, so now Blaine shared he had a girlfriend back home that he got into a big fit with before he left and cheated on her, James Anderson shared the fact that he and Matthew Gaudio were dating, Lucas Abraham shared that both his parnents had died, Jack Roberts shared that he has a prostetic hand and and Donovan Spencer shared that he was scared of heights, I shared that I found out my girlfriend is pregnant.

The next day all of us woke up at 5 am and reported to the obstacle course, it was raining at it was muddy and we did it anyway. Today we just woke up and we're heading over to the NASA space suit Training, I was excited for this more than anything. All right boys Lietenenant Henire said today we'll be practicing what it's like to walk on the moon, you'll be given a gun, extra bullets and white apollo space suit with your name on it, we each put on our spacesuits, and then we were put into the room with no gravity and it looked and felt like the surface of the moon.

I can't believe it's here man, Blaine said it had been six months of physical training along with space survival plus multiple hours in the neutral buoyancy lab. Finally our platoon had been sent to hold off troops from the US space station. The day of liftoff came. "Wake up men" Lieutenant Henrie said "Time to suit up","Now men next yo your bed there is a spacesuit, now there are things you have to put under the spacesuit, first and I don't want to hear any complaints, you have an adult male depends diaper, you will all put it on, hey "I ain't no wheenie who pees their pants" Gaudio said, "Well of course your not a wheenie, your a man who during liftoff will definitely have to pee because of the long liftoff period and the amount of G force on your body will probably make you pee your pants without you even knowing now you will put on the diaper" explained Lieutenant Henrie.Putting on the spacesuit was like a dream come true the white apollo spacesuit like the one the wore on the moon. It was big and bulky and hard to work in and it was also not comfortable on the balls. When we were all suited up Lieutenant Henire led us to our launch pad where we strapped into the lauch pad and Lieuteenant Henrie was right because it was a long wait and I will admit that I had to use my diaper, It was really hard at first because I always have to pee standing up at a urinal and I was really nervous to pee, strapped onto a rocker, I then pulled out my picture of Emma and it helped me to relax. All of the sudden I heard 10...9....8...7...6...5...4...3...2...ignition and we were taking off, the liftoff was quick and within a few seconds after liftoff something went wrong, one of our oxygen tanks was fried and was no longer supplyig oxygen, we did not realize however that that particular oxygen tank was supplying oxygen to two of our mens space suits, Blaine Marrero and Donovan spencer we did not realize until their space suit oxygen started to red line and no one must have heard it during the launch and by the time we were in orbit the two men had already suffocated.

Our platoon was now down to six men I knew before that we had no chance of holding off the muslims with our small platoon but now there was definitely no hope. I pulled out the letter from Emma with a picture of our babies sonogram, we were having twins a baby boy and a baby girl, I knew that during this war my will to survive was for Emma and my twins. I knew I had to get back to earth to propose to her and marry her. Before we knew it we were holding off the troops, Lieutenant Henrie and Jack Roberts had tried to go outside before the muslims attacked to fix the faulty oxygen tank, but it was too late the muslims approached is with their space ship, 20 men in black bulky spacesuits had exited. The spacesuits were freaky and they also had the turbins wrapped around their helmets. They had ctarted to attack us by first shooting Jack and decompressed him, and then they took Lieutenant Henire as a hostage, before he was taken Lietenant Henrie had managed to start the thrusters for the remaining men and were safe from the attack but we had no Lieutenenant until we found that he had left me in charge. I remember when they took Lieutenant Henire his plead for help, I was wondering what the muslims would do to a man like Lieutenant Henrie.

The muslims brought Lieutenant Henrie back to their ship and had stripped him when they found the picture of his husband they decided to execute him and throw him in the airlock "You faggot" one of the muslims said "No, Please don't do this please" Lieutenant Henrie pleaded but it was no use "Allah Akbar" the muslim said before pressing the decompress button.

We were now four men and we were hopeless, and I was in charge but I had no idea what to do me James, Lucas and Matt were the only ones left. We were safe for now but when a North Korean ship came in, I had to figure out what to do, the only thing I could think of doing was to fire the thrusters and escape like we did but we would need a man to go out and distract them before we'd do that. Our only option was to draw straws when James drew the shorter straw I shook his hand and wished him goodluck, he then went to suit up but not before Lucas took him and kissed him before he was sent to his death "Don't forget me babe" James said "never" replied Lucas. James went out and was attacked by the north koreans in their big blue buly spacesuits, immediately they had taken their machettti's and cut a whole in his suit immediately killing him but it gave us enough time to escape.

Now down to three men I knew our platoon was hopeless, that night me and Lucas awoke to Matthew in the bathroom it was horrible he had cut his wrists, my only question was why, why would he do such a thing, my only thought was that the battle and seeing all our men die was too horrible for him. me and Lucas now the only ones left realized we were under attack, I told him to fire the thrusters while I went outside. The secod I got outside I saw the terrorists thrusting themselves over faster than I could try to get away fromt them, they then caught me and one of them shouted "Allah Akbar" before taking his knife and tearing a hole in my suit. "AHHHHHHHHHH" It was the most painful thing ever, I couldn't breathe I was bleeding out of my ears, nose, and eyes, and it was freezing my last thought was Emma and my twins living without me.

Lucas had managed to get away and land back on earth he was able to share the story of his platoon who died bravely and how they had risked his life for our country.


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