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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A post about the insane times we live in

It’s that time of the year again. Useless consumption, decadence and waste, brainwashing our westerner consumer minds. Saying that it’s all ok to throw a big party, to eat and drink like animals.
To waste countless of money and goods telling it is good for the economy, so it is good for the rest of the world. Why spoil the fun over the fact that 4/5 of this world is living beneath poverty rates.
Why feel guilty to eat like a beast while meantime people, children and even new-born babies are dying from starvation?

The hatred and despise I feel for such a system I can’t even put to words.

It makes me believe humanity is inherent evil and this world should just burn down until the last of these beasts vanished from the earth’s surface.

Unfortunately when I admit to hate I’m not any better than all of these animals outside.
My hate would destroy me before I ever got a change to be in power of erasing the madness of this world. Even more sad, I would become part of it.

Admitting to hate is admitting to the system.
The system needs you to hate it and fear it so even when you don’t want to be part of this insanity, you won’t have any other option than to obey and follow it. Cause when your heart is full of hatred, fear, pain and sorrow you won’t have the serenity it takes to make a life changing act. One that is in fact able to take control over your own destiny.

When hatred is consuming your minds and hearts, you can’t make sincere choices that might actually make a real change in your own heart and mind and therefore make a change in your own life and environment.

Hatred is the root of all evil. It divides societies, it divides friends and families. It divides us as human beings believing were not all the same. Believing we don’t share the same existence.

Hatred and dividing puts people on the road of competition.  It makes us believe we need to be better than anyone else. It makes us believe we have more differences than similarities. It makes us not appreciate the natural differences between people but despise them. It makes enemies from brothers and opponents where only cooperation is the way out.

Dividing people, dividing ourselves, is denying that you, me and anyone else on this planet got exactly the same needs as a human being. We were all born as helpless little creatures who wouldn’t survive without nurturing from their environment. Without love we would die. Without someone who feeded us every day we would’ve died.

We share the same air, the same oceans and water. The same mountains and the ground beneath your feet.

What’s the point of taking too much we can’t even consume all of ourselves and to leave nothing but scraps if it is even that for the rest of our fellow human beings?

Which madness causes such an act of animalism not even seen in nature itself?

This is beyond the cruelty of nature since nature is a self-sustaining system. We’re not.

“Merry Xmas” to everyone…


Submitted: December 18, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Thomas Oliveira. All rights reserved.

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