Lettre to a beautiful killer

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The story is about a young, good looking African woman who scams old man for money in Europe. One day she has a fling with a young writer. Unfortunately for her, the writer is very streetwise and discovers the real truth behind her. That moment he starts to write a lettre to her threatening he will expose everything... The writer also has a dark, sadistic personality which makes it even more of a curious story. What are his intentions and how far will he drive his will to get it? To make it a bit more specific, the story happens to coincide in Belgium and the book will start with the lettre which is written as an email message. Good luck reading!

Submitted: June 29, 2015

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Submitted: June 29, 2015



Girl. You told me you had dates before with Belgian guys after your fiancé died. How many guys you need to date before you realize you are not ready to date? Don't tell me you don't like dating or that you're not ready for it or that you're only dating Belgians :p lol. That guy on your profile picture definitely doesn't seem Belgian at all. I'm sure you like the attention of every guy around you. Don't tell me you're picky and only choosing white guys. In Dubai they have rich Arab oil sheiks who'd love to pay for  young good looking girls like you. I bet that didn't cross your young, innocent mind, did it? I bet you always have a few guys on the side waiting to drop in if one falls out or you're getting tired of someone like me who doesn't keep his mouth shut and tells you like it is. I Wasn't the first and I will definitely not be the last and I bet it doesn't stay with hugging and kissing either. You naughty girl. You were still very well-behaved that day in the swimming pool with me, weren't you? :) I see you like life of the party on your profile picture. Funny as your first picture looked like you are too shy to even show yourself. Funny how pictures can be misleading. You don't look that shy anymore now on the new one. It doesn't really look like you're going through a difficult time right now. How many guys you have been with before me, I can only wonder. Also what happened with all of them. I Bet you tell them all the same story, over and over again. You tell me like, yeah, I'm a serious girl looking for something real. Then on our date you start talking about whether you should stay in Belgium and build a stable life out here or if you should go back home to South Africa if you're staying permitting is finished. Then you talk about working as a airhostess flying and working in Dubai and then you continue telling me you would like to live for one year in Tokyo or Shanghai. Doesn't sound like something serious at all but more like the adventurous type who likes to take wild decisions. I Guess I just wasn't wild and adventurous enough for you. Maybe I just didn't fit your standard of living. Or at least the way you would like to live. The only thing I can come up with is that you're the type of girl who likes to keep all of her options open and wait for the next best thing to arrive. Wherever life takes you. As well with relationships as your living. Fine by me, you can just tell it like it is. You don't have to put a whole show up for me. I like it if people are for real. You can drop your mask and just be yourself. Somehow I feel your story is just one big scam and reality is much worse. Since I don't know all the details I can't judge you, but I just feel it ain't right what you're saying and what you're doing. Maybe there are things I don't even wanna find out about. There's something that doesn't make sense in your story at all. Girl, I'm even worried and confused about your story the way your fiancé died. You are literally a black widow aren't you? That story really scared the shit out of me. You're giving me the creeps with that. Whether it's real or not, I don't know. But the way you told it. So many coincidences. Almost perfect timing and situation. Damn girl, his age and his heart problems and even the medicine he needs to take? It was too much for an old guy like him. I bet you've exhausted him for days with that beautiful, young body of yours. The poor bastard. Now, you're fucking and messing around with whatever guy that crosses your way. Unfortunately you're not getting any of his heritage, aren't you? Or is that a scam as well? I bet your old sugar daddy knew who he was dealing with. You poor thing. You really studied civil engineering? No way! You're not looking like a civil engineer to me but I bet you know everything about how to make a guy fall in love with you and how to spend all of his money. Show me your degree and I believe you! O, that's right, you didn't finish it. How convenient! Sure, you have some report results at home in South Africa right? I bet you've told this story about a thousand times before along with the rest of your beautiful lies, naive men like to believe when they are looking at your beautiful smile. Ouch, did that hurt? Nah, you probably know and you love it! I'm sure you're hiding the ugly truth far away behind a colorful curtain so nobody sees it or at least that's what you think. I bet other guys noticed it too before. They probably used you and played the game along. Unfortunately for the poor bastards who got caught in your web of lies. But hey, life is hard isn't? I think you just talk however the wind blows. Like your permission to stay in Belgium would end in two weeks and you had been crying whole day long. I guess it's all been taken care of now, right? Funny, I asked you to show me the papers and help you with it :) Didn't hear anything of that anymore later. Maybe, that's just your way of letting a guy go out of your life. Sorry, but I have to leave the country. Lol. I bet you didn't expect me wanting to help you with it. That freaked you out, right? When I told you I want to see you and those papers :) I don't care if you feel I am judging you. I'm only making logical conclusions out of all the remarkable facts you're giving me. The rest is just opinion. You don't have to like it. But can you tell me it is all that different and I just don't know what I'm talking about? You have evidence that proves the opposite? Good luck with that! I guess I can go on and on about this and everything that's wandering through my mind right now. But in fact I have to thank you for giving me this enormous inspiration to write a story about it. You see, sometimes life just brings you the right people on your way when you weren't even looking for it. This is awesome! Unfortunately I missed a shot of sharing my bed with your young, beautiful, good looking body or shall I say booty? But hey, we can't have it all, right? ;) I guess, I'll have to make that one up later, when I'm rich and famous after I produced my first book :p Inspirational! Thank you! So sugar, time to go. Hope you enjoyed my reading ;) I'm sure you did.  Like you too. Too bad it has to end up like this but I wish you all joy and good luck to your life! Still welcome to share my bed... :p But please, don't kill me... :(

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