Trial and error

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When you realize the goal was only a resource to find your own way in life

Submitted: June 30, 2015

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Submitted: June 30, 2015



Life’s always a frustrating road full of trial and error, failure and mistake.
To get where we wanna be, we need to cross oceans, pass mountains, build bridges and have an enormous amount of patience.
Even then after we have been through this it seems we’re still not there where we wanna be.
Frustration, irritation, mocking, bad temper and yelling is what we have to face before we ever get a sign something seems to work.
Everyday seems a test we have to go through and no step can be missed out.
There are no real guarantees in life. There are no guarantees if you study hard and work hard you’ll get everything your heart ever desired. But if we don’t we definitely are guaranteed we never will.
So we have no choice than to try hard and keep on moving and to stand up again after we smashed down on our face right in the mud.
They say the way is more important than the goal but if you never get a sign of good luck, you probably have to reconsider your ways.
When you get that feeling you are enjoying what you’re doing, it means you probably chose a good way. It means the enthusiasm you bring to life for the job that needs to get done will bring you patience and devotion.
The excitement of looking forward for another day hard work will make you feel alive. It will bring you in the right spirit to work harder and to exceed your own limitations. You’ll feel encouraged by the enjoyment you feel to get the job done.
Because of the enjoyment you feel for everyday life, you will forget about your goals, you’ll even forget about time and place and the work and you will be one.
Therefor you don’t feel any pressure. Therefor you don’t feel any rush. Whether you get where you once dreamed of you would like to be one day or not, The enjoyment of your work fulfilled your deepest desires without ever realizing it would be this way. It would be like this.
Therefor you realize the way and the goal are one and the same thing.
Surprisingly you will feel you always had what you ever wanted when you and the way become one. Surprisingly when you finally get what you once dreamed of you will feel and see it’s not that important then the hard work you once needed to get through to find your own way in life. Surprisingly you will look back with proud and realize it was the way all along which brought you happiness and joy all the way before you ever reached your goal. Surprisingly in the end everything you owned in life will be nothing more than a medal you got for a sports competition. It’s nothing more than a reflection of all the hard work you had to go through to reach your goal. It doesn’t bring any worth to your life in comparison with the excitement you once had when you were on your way trying to reach your goal. It’s only a result and the fruit of the hard work you had to go through all these years. And without the enjoyment of that work you would’ve never gotten where you are now.
When you forget about your goal, there’s only here and now to be enjoyed. But sometimes you will need a goal in life that’s so worthy you’ll get back in action. Therefor the goal is nothing more than a resource to get you where you need to be. On your way. And not the other way around. It’s funny once you realize it’s not the way that’s a resource to get to your goal, but the goal all the time was nothing more than a stimulant  to get the hard job done. And when you find yourself there at that place and moment when you realize the hard job is the best part of all of it. Enlightenment will fulfil your heart and soul.

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