Brokeback Trail

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This is the story of three friends that go on a hike that they will never forget.

Submitted: January 16, 2015

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Submitted: January 16, 2015



Brokeback Trail:





A Narrative by Trevon Beck




The Beginning

It was a cloudy Tuesday in the beloved month of June, school had just gotten out, and kids were free to do what they wanted. For my friends and I, that meant going on a hike through

the Cascade Wilderness of Washington State. It was supposed to be a 4 day hike, if all went well, it was an experience that none of us would ever forget.

An entire year before the trip, Thorp, Lathan and I began our training for the hike. The training was essentially Navy SEAL training for amateurs, with an emphasis on how to operate explosives, we wanted to be prepared for anything. We would go on .25 mile runs every other Saturday to improve our stamina, so we would not get tired on the hike. The world was our playground.

Day 1

The drive up was nice, our squad had seen a beer can laying on the side of the road, and being amateur environmentalists, we had to pick it up and throw it farther in the woods so nobody would find it.

We had finally arrived at our parking space, we had to park next to some Seattle folk, and they drove a jacked up Prius which is perfect for off-road terrain.

Anyway, we got all of our gear ready to go and began our hike on the dangerous trail, I was not at all scared, but my good friends, Lathan and Thorp were terribly afraid. Luckily for them, I brought my Pingley call in case we ran into trouble.

As for the hike itself, the beginning was fairly calm and collectively gorgeous. My friends and I embraced each other in that moment of perfection on the trail…




Day 2

After a long night of sleeping, it was time for day 2 of our trek. We put our packs together, rolled up our one sleeping bag that we share, and got moving after a hearty breakfast of bacon and pancake batter. Thorp didn’t know how to make a fire…

All was going well until we saw a side trail that went off of our main trail, Lathan wanted to explore the trail, so we had to go. As the brains of the team, I said no, but Lathan was the muscle, so we went on the trail… it was a grave misfortune.

A bear jumped out! It ripped Thorp’s backpack from his body as he tried to escape, just barely missing his head. I quickly took out my Pingley call, and blew as hard as I could.

Pingley came flying out of a conifer with his homemade dagger, heading directly towards the bear’s neck. He nailed his landing perfectly, and began repeatedly stabbing the bear in the neck, until it died. Then he continued to stab it. Before we could thank him, Pingley had already faded into the wilderness, wearing the bear’s skin…

Day 3

Still traumatized from the bear attack, we all just wanted to go home. No more sightseeing, no more pillow fights, we wanted to get out of that deadly forest. Our journey continued on…

Day 4

We didn’t even sleep the night before, we just kept on walking to the safety of our car. I still, to this day hate forests.

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