A Father's Love

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Just my attempt at a short story about a child with his first fishing trip with everyone's hero, our dads.

Submitted: January 29, 2015

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Submitted: January 29, 2015



Although an  only child,

he's a happy young lad;

because tomorrow is a very special day,

it's a day he will spend with his dad.

It's surely a day,

for what he has been wishing,

at the crack of dawn,

he'll get to go fishing.

He studied real hard,

he's read all the books,

about choosing his bait,

and using wich kind of hooks.

He hopes to catch lots of fish,

and, learn how to clean,

his fish will be huge,

perhaps, the biggest the world has ever seen.

He's too excited to sleep,

so, he can't close his eyes,

he just can't wait to leave,

in the morning, at sunrise!

Dad, is also excited,

he, too, can't wait to go.

Trying his best,

to not let it show.


He wakes up his boy,

the sky, it still looks like it's night,

"Let's go, little buddy!

While the fish, still want to bite!"

Dad grabs his coffee,

and, drinks down one more,

grabbing both their stuff,

as they both head out the door.

The moon still hangs high,

the air, has a good chill,

the boy is so excited,

he can barely sit still.

Downing his coffee,

taking down the last swallow,

he says, "Listen now, my son,

there are some rules we must follow."

"We want to have a good day,

we want it to be the best,

so wheever in that boat,

you will always wear your flotation vest.

Always wear your vest,

so you can be sure, you will always float,

and, you surely must never,

stand up in the boat."

The young boy just smiles,

he is feeling so glad.

Cheerfully, he says,

"Ok, I love you, Dad."


Sitting in the boat,

he looks in his book.

Doing just as the books says,

he carefully, baits his hook.

He tries to sit still,

it takes all his mite,

he anxiously waits,

to feel that very first bite.

After a short time,

what felt like all night,

his line starts to wiggle,

and suddenly goes tight.

This is the first bite,

that he has ever had,

shouting so loud,

he yells, "I got one, Dad!"

Dad is excited,

becasue he has sat there all night,

he has had no activity,

not even one single bite.

Seeing his son's joy,

is one heck of a site,

that big ol' fish

put up one heck of a fight!

It splished, and it splashed,

water went all over the place,

it was a fathers's delight,

just to se that smile on his face.

He can't wait to tell Mom,

he'll try not to gloat,

after what seemed like forever,

he finally got that fish in the boat.

That fish was so wild,

it was a flipper, and a flopper,

after dad measured the that fish,

the boy yells, "Wow! 17 inches! That's a real whopper!"

"You'll scare all the fish,

if you yell too loud,

but don't worry, my son,

you've made your ol' dad really proud."

Dad says, "mabe your next fish,

will be even stronger.

I think we will stay,

just a little while longer."

Throughout the rest of the day,

those fish bit no more,

hungry, and tired,

father, and son head back towards the shore.

This was a super day,

he was granted his wish,

He can't wait to show mom,

his super huge fish!

He could barely see land,

they were out so far,

all the way home,

he just sat, and smiled in the car.

Dad was real tired,

and even, a little bit sore,

at home his son jumps out

and runs straight for the door.

Frantically, he exclaims,

"Mom! Look what I caught!"

Holding up his catch,

"Look at this fish that I caught!"

Mom gets emotional,

as she tries not to cry.

Putting her hand to her mouth,

she exclaims, "My, oh My!"

The boy then says, "I gought that huge fish,

from the moon, to the sun,

no one caught any fish,

except me, I'm the only one!"

Dad stands back, real silent,

he's over filled with joy,

oh, how he loves, his proud little boy.

Dad says to Mom,

"I'm so tired, I'm telling you,"

he exhales real deep,

and then he says, "Whew!"


The boy lays on his bed,

and whispers, "This day rocks!"

He also feels tired,

and kicks off his shoes, and his socks.

He lays quiet on his bed,

not making a peep,

with a smile on his face,

he drifts off to sleep.

Dad stands so quiet,

at his young son's door,

silently, he askes,

"Who could ask for anything more?

You caught the biggest fish,

so, I guess you win,"

he says with a smile,

as he tucks his sleeping son in.

he'll hang his son's fish,

high on the wall,

that big ol' fish is so nice,

but his son, is the best prize of all.

Having a son or a daughter,

is a gift from God, up above,

no words can express,

the depth, of a father, and his love.

© Copyright 2018 Thomas W Peterson. All rights reserved.

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