Attack Of A Hamburger At Large

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taken from my book, "Pardon Me For Explaining"

Submitted: October 31, 2012

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Submitted: October 31, 2012



Attack Of The Hamburger At Large


Home in my mind-book

I think I have a flower I took

Stuck in the morning

With a "Mountain Dew"

Lost, feeling star struck

Now the night has fell

I've got a feeling

Deep inside my fever

Poppin' all my medz, I

Think I have it all

No time to derail

Mountains of my see-saw

Haunt, forevermore!

Mind me, I'm heavy

On this life I'm given

Touch base with freedom

Gimme over here

"Jimmy Dean Sausage"

Stuck inside the freezer

Bound to a tight rope

Can I ever find her?

I guess that I

Am full of fear


Just ran away

To form a colony

Of their very own

Oh, how long has it been, that hate

__struck the throat of a

____new sensation, being bent, and

______torn into obliveation?

I can sense the golden love lock

__easing with a painful stomach

____that caressed the patches

______of hamburgers unriped, and

________French fries undressed, doing

__________nothing, but seduce my


My tongue

My tonsils

My throat

I just wanna chop the dice, that

__rolls off into the distant tower

____of lice and pest control

______yet, I best not understand

________or I will be deader

__________than no man can ever


Hang my whispers, on her dead

__crevasses of her corpse, and

____frolic into the distance of love

______I won't panic, I'll treat

________her, to a near shadow

__________bouncing on her body

____________like a joyful

______________brand name, of


I cooked her!

She's mine!

She shall taste sweet between her

__legs, and I know she alone

____can be my only late night

______wonder, as I wander, to the

________left, and I wander

__________to the right

Will she sleep tight in my stomach

__tonight? or do I have to chop

____my Valentine up too?

Well, I'm good

I can stay mad

Or talk to you

Who can't stand to not be

Glad for the things I do

To forget those other two

And be with you

But who knew

What was ever to happen

To ham in a salad?

I want a witch

And I think you're it

So be my total cost

And aim high at the lost

Join with me

Sing with us bees

We'll buzz a song or 2

Maybe 3

Maybe 4

But after the 5th. day, of the

__work week

There'll be a ditch in the ground

Waiting for you this weekend

There you will be buried

__under the snow, and as the moon

____looks like a baked potato

______I will eat from space's

________delight, and feel pleased

Knowing what could not happen

Did not happen for a reason

And that is why


04-25-'08 #6

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon Reprise. All rights reserved.

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