Fishing With Dad

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I never knew my dad, but all my life, I wished for nothing more than to have a dad. It was a priviledge I was forced to live without. Sometimes, today, I still find myself wishing I even had someone I could "call dad." But life goes on, and I have learned to live with what I have already in my life.

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



A father and son,

went fishing on the lake.

He was teaching his son,

about what they should take.


They both studied real hard,

in their many fishing books,

they carefully chose

their bait, and their fishing hooks.


the young boy was excited,

he could't wait to gloat,

his catch would be huge,

perhaps, as big as the boat!


He'd been so excited,

he had not slept all night,

the huge fish he would catch,

would put up one heck of a fight!


From the very first moment,

his fish gave that first bite,

he would yank and he would pull,

with all his might.


With the giant in the boat,

he would be so very proud,

dad would be exicited, too,

he would be laughing real loud.


The fish was so big,

it wouldn't fit in the net,

this would be a day,

that he would not soon forget.


God surely, would have granted,

this little boy's biggest wish,

his prayer would be answered,

the moment, he caught that fish.


In the end, I would let that fish go,

and no, I would not be sad,

I would catch that giant again someday,

when I went fishing with my dad.

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