I Am Alcohol

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Alcohol can be both fun, and deadly. To all of you, my friends out there, if you are going to drink, be safe and get a designated driver.
(This poem is NOT to be construed as a personal experience, it is just a poem. I have never drunk and drove and killed someone.) There is never an excuse for drinking and driving. Stay safe and be smart. :)

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



You think I'm cool,

I make you feel funny.

When ever I am around,

you spend all your money.


We have so much fun,

the fun never ends,

because of me,

your popular with freinids.


I'm number one in your life,

you brag how "I Rule,"

you with me before work,

and everyday, after school.


We make quite a team,

because "that's how we roll,"

but you never seem to notice,

that I'm the one in control.


The fun that we have,

you hope never ends,

you need me much more,

than any of your freinds.


You never seem to notice,

that I put you through hell.

I'm no where around,

as you lay in your jail cell.


"What ever," you say.

Our friendship will strive,

you pick me up at the store,

and we go for a drive.


We have alot of fun,

as you steer to the left, and then right,

hang on, my friend,

it's going to be a hell of a night.


I'm the coolest of cool,

I make you insane,

you're having too much fun,

to see that car in your lane.


The last thing you remember,

you were feeling great,

why were those people,

out driving so late?


Once again, in your cell,

and not wearing no shoes,

the door suddenly opens,

and they tell you the news.


They blurt out the news,

and then slam shut the door;

your fun filled night,

killed a family of four.


We were together again,

I made you feel wild,

but you lost control,

and killed three adults, and one child.


All our time together,

has left you real thin,

your heart starts to race,

as reality sets in.


the air is so thick,

you could cut it with a knife,

your real selfish ways,

have cost a family their life.


But remember this, dear friend,

that, "that's how we roll."

I may be Alcohol,

but you're the one

who lost control.

© Copyright 2020 Thomas W Peterson. All rights reserved.

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