Our Precious Lord

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The Wise words of Jesus our Lord

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



I talked to my Lord,

in the heavens up above.

I had some questions,

about this thing called "love."


I was taught when I was young,

with the help from my mother,

about how we are required,

to love one another.


I said, "Dear Jesus,"

"I have a questionn I must ask,

why is loving other people,

at times, such a difficult task?"


He answered, and he said

in a voice so very mild,

"Thank you for asking me,

my precious little child."


"Loving one another,

is a very difficult task,

but only for you to try,

is all that I ever ask."


"Have love and faith,

is what you must always do,

much the very same way,

that I will always love you."


"I died up on that cross,

so that you may always live,

so, also I must ask,

that you always love and forgive."


"Start praying to me early,

yes, even when you're dressing,

I will promise to always give you,

my best and richest blessing."


"When you're happy, and when you're sad,

and when you laugh or grieve,

all is possible through me,

if only you believe."

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