Get ready, because whether you are a believer or not, we will all stand accountable to the Lord

The skies will alll darken,

angry clouds will roll in,

God will soon fight the devil,

the father of sin.

The whole world will be still,

with an eerie, deafening quiet,

in anticipation of what will happen

during God's spiritual riot.

The world will not make a sound,

a hush will fall over the region,

millions, and millions of demons show up,

led by one, they call him, "Legion."

The devil arranges his demons,

in large, mighty groups,

with an unimaginable screech,

the devil calls attention to his troops.

They blasphme God's holy name,

throughout the whole night,

while standing at attention,

waiting to begin the fight,

But Lord Jesus is patient,

as he sits, and watches it all,

God amasses his holy angels,

and to Michael, he gives call.

He says, "The devil's day of death,

has finally arrived, and is now due,

I'll kill the devil myself,

and Michael, I'll leave the rest of the fighting to you."

Michael picks up his sword,

and calls forth a very large band.

He kneels before God,

and says, "Yes, my Lord, as you command."

Michael charges into the battle,

on a beautiful, white horse,

and with his is also,

heaven's biggest force.

The battle rages on,

for a thousand years, without end.

The battle is so large,

no human mind can ever comprehend.

Some angels are lost,

but resurrected, and then healed,

as the Lord makes his way,

through Armegeddon's battle field.

The earth is saturated in death,

as it turns into mud,

the hem of God's clothes,

are covered in blood.

God stands atop a hill,

where the ground is found to be level,

he looks into the eyes,

of the father of lies, the devil.

But God's glory is strong,

and the devil is so weak,

God raises his hand

before the devil can speak.

the devil is not able,

to put up much of a fight,

he is struck again and again,

by God's beautiful, white light.

the devil's dying scream,

can be heard all over the hill;

he topples to the ground,

dead, and lying still.

flowing down the hill,

the devils blood freely flows,

in the war on the field,

Michael and his angels are delivering the final blows.

The victory goes to Jesus,

whose truth, we can not distort.

He warned satan long, long ago,

that his time was real short.

The devil fooled alot of souls,

and for this, Jesus will grieve,

he cries many, many tears

for every lost soul that just would not believe.

Since they ran to the devil,

since the day of thier birth,

they will soon disappear

along with the physical earth.


Glory  be to God,

the maker of all things;

you are our Lord, and our savior,

the true king of all kings.




Submitted: December 16, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Thomas W Peterson. All rights reserved.

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