the walkin the country

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a walk in the country.

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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Submitted: October 11, 2013



and there i took a nice long walk,

to see what life i could find,

and as i walked i saw a hawk,

the sight that eased my mind.


it was far out in the country side,

that i did go for a wonder,

i found myself along the ride,

going further even yonder.


the day it was a sunny one,

so i took my camera just just in case,

i even took a little run,

just to pick up the pace.


the things i found along the ground,

were far to many to count,

but there and by i looked around,

for a horse i could mount.


oh to all the creatures out there,

all different shapes and sizes,

i came upon a county fair,

and walked of with a hand full of prizes.


now i did find it a pleasant day,

to walk along country lanes,

to see such beautiful cottages,

with sweet little window panes.


as i walked hither and dither,

i found the folks o so friendly,

one even asked me to stay for dinner,

but i thanked them and said i had plenty.


so if one day you find you may,

wonder into the country too,

remember that theirs allot to say,

of what you feel you went through.

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