The Mission : Book One

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Clarrisa has finally found a home with The Agency. She thinks her life is just getting better, but when she is assigned to dispose of two rouge wizards, her faith is tested. Everything Clarrisa has learned to trust is falling apart. Who can she truly trust?

Submitted: June 30, 2008

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Submitted: June 30, 2008




The ancient French word was barely off my lips when instantaneously the nearest candle to me burst into flame. I scanned the area quickly with the witch's sense.

No one was here. I was not being chased anymore.

What was happening to me? I have spent the last 7 days in this city without as much as a strange stare, yet all of a sudden it seems some residents of New Orleans wanted me dead.

Yet, I had a mission. I couldn't turn back now, I was here with The Agency.

The Agency.... I had been with The Agency for ten seems just like yesterday......

"Clarrisa, the power of the witches flows strong in your heart. I am proud to call you a member of The Agency, one of the world's best defense against evil. I congratulate you on your membership here, and let you be productive." After saying these words of extreme kindness and nobility, the leader of The Agency handed me my official crystal necklace, which was a symbol of being one of the few called by The Agency. The crystal was cold on my neck, yet I did not care. The crystal gave me acceptance, in a world which called me a freak. This council, this agency knew I was no freak. I am worthy of living. My life shall be spent slaying evil.

Had it really been so long? I tightened my grasp around the cold crystal around my neck and prayed a silent prayer of thanksgiving. As I contemplated these thoughts in my head, I took a step onto the hotel balcony. New Orleans was a beautiful city, save the few alcohol-ridden streets. The smell wasn't too great either, but the city oozed culture and ethnicity. This city was also a witch's paradise. The city was on a geographic nexus of power, which explains the rather dark and mysterious past of the city. Only the agency knew the truth behind such cultural phenomena's as voodoo, the various ghost hauntings, and of course the extremely high murder rate of the city. A witch's powers are intensified in such a city. I could easily stay here my entire life. Yet, my thoughts have digressed too far, I have a mission.

My mission was quite simple. Last Monday The Agency called to tell me about a young girl being held kidnapped by some of the country's most vile witches. The witches' names were famous in The Agency. Milo and Silo Richard were some of the most ruthless magic casters ever known in the history of the country. They were the cause of many natural and human disasters. They murdered merely out of amusement, it was their only fun. The only reason The Agency kept from attacking these two witches, was because The Agency claims they want to promote inter-witch relations. Yet everyone who works with me knows the truth, The Agency has a dark unbinding treaty with the two witches. I know a lot about the treaty. I was the one who got them to sign it, all those years ago....

"Hello Clarissa, how are you today," Milo spat the words in my face.

I said rather politely, "Milo, Silo your time is up. You have to come with me."

"I don't think so young lady, we rather like it here", spoke them both together.

I then grabbed a single water crystal from my purse and flung it between the brothers, and simply muttered the word, "S'ecouler." The word hung in the air a minute, then the blue crystal exploded in a wave of moisture. I spun my hand downward to control my spell, but the brother simply countered my spell. Before I knew it, I was on the ground with two knives brought to my neck. "Oh Clarissa, you fool. You cannot stop us," spoke SIlo rather aggressively. The blades lingered on my chest for a few moments, until unnoticed I raised my hand to mutter, "Moulage." The word burned on my tongue, for my magic was weakening the more I used it. Luckily, my spell worked, and the two daggers brought to my knife melted into a silvery substance which now pooled the floor near my shoes. Silo tried to grab my neck with my bare hands, but I had performed what I needed to do. The second the two brothers recoiled at the melting daggers, I had drawn a small circle on the ground. I had placed the treaty on the ground. It was now up to the brothers and fate to either accept the treaty, or declare full on war with The Agency. As I walked out the building rather haphazardly, I felt a sudden wave of ancient magic in the air, and I knew the deed was done. The darkest treaty known to witch was just performed.

I can't believe The Agency made me do that mission. I had been a new recruit at the time, yet of course I had strong magical powers. Sometimes my abnormal powers were more a curse than a blessing. Yet, The Agency gave me self-worth. That was more than the real world could have ever given me. I decided my next course of action would be to disguise myself. Witch's had various ways of disguise, yet I was thinking of a disguise without magic. I was going to get myself a masquerade costume. After all, it was Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras is one of the strangest holidays I have ever been introduced to. I was raised on a simple farm, and I had never been introduced to such frivolity. There was alcohol everywhere! Drunk people littered the city like flies littered trash cans. Yet, one could not deny these people knew how to have a great time. As I walked the streets, I scanned the area for the brothers. The treaty should have prevented me from detecting the brothers, yet the treaty was broken.

A girl was kidnapped, which was an obvious violations of the treaty. I sensed them near Bourbon Street, how ironic. As I silently walked to the area, I found small white crystals littering the ground. I grabbed one larger piece and brought it to my mouth, "reveler." The revealing spell identified the crystal as a warding crystal. They knew I was here. I knew I was wasting too much magic, yet I had to do just one more to hide myself. I sent my hand downwards and spoke surely the old words, "Je Pron." A wave of mist erupted from the ground in long tendrils. The mist surrounded my body from plain view. I took off towards the brothers. The energy seemed to be coming from a rather omniscient-looking building. When I reached the door, I found an ancient rune painted on top of. It seems the brothers were trying to keep me away. I took a small pocketknife out my pocket and sent it soaring towards the rune. The knife hit right in the middle. The rune glowed a golden yellow color, then faded into nothingness. I grabbed my pocketknife and continued. I walked up the stairwell rather cautiously, sending revealing charms left and right. I was weakening, but I needed all the help I could get.

I used my pocketknife again to unlock the topmost door, for I could feel the energy pulsing from the door. They had two sharp daggers waiting for me on the other side of the door. Instinctively I closed my eyes, as my breathing became rather hushed and shallow. I continued this impromptu breathing exercise until I could feel the magic slowly recharging in my being. I spoke the words my grandmother taught me as a child, "La Nature De La Bete." The words caused me to catch myself from falling. The pain was great! I had performed this charm a total of three times. Each time was misery and torture. My body transformed and twisted in antagonizing shapes. My body slowly and painfully morphed into the body of a common cat. It took me a few seconds to find the right state of mind. I felt like hell.

I sent my left paw into the door furiously, and sent a small knocking noise into the room.

"Oh, Silo she's knocking! What a clever girl!", spoke Milo.

"We better answer it then brother!", spoke the other. Silo, or maybe Milo... I couldn't tell in my nullified state answered the door.

My magic was almost erased in this feline form. Yet, I had the power of surprise. Sometimes that power was stronger than all else. The second the door opened, I ran into the room. I sensed the girl and rushed forward at her.

Yet something was wrong. Everything was black. I felt the powers in my body quickly weaken. My body painfully contorted back into my human state. My powers were being drained.

DAMNIT! The brothers had put me in a Ciel, which was a temporary realm of nothingness. I was basically stuck in a black hole! They must have saw my spell somehow, but that was impossible.

Number one, this was a surprise mission. No one but The Agency knew about this. Even the world's strongest witch couldn't have sensed the plan, especially with the warding spells I sent out.

Number two, it takes hours to create a Ciel. It is incredibly difficult and powerful magic. The entire council together couldn't create one in less than four hours.

Number three, you need your enemies hair to perform the curse. I was in New Orleans less than a week, there was no way they could have gotten my hair.

Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

I sent my hand instinctively to the green crystal around my neck, and tried to summon power from The Collective. The Collective was a store of untapped energy The Agency created solely for the use of dire emergencies. The only way to touch them was through one of the green crystals. The bad thing was, every person who had a green crystal knew who was using The Collective, because the face of the person using it, would appear in every single green crystal. Yet this was emergency, I could deal with the humiliation at The Agency. Surviving was much more important. The green crystal, usually blistering cold, was now warm with raging power. The power coursed through my entire being. As the power reached a climax, I yelled out the ending spell, "Terminer!".

The black box around me started to melt away. I could faintly see the two witch men staring bewildered at me. I instinctively grabbed one of the men's knife and sent it through Silo's fat neck. The blood stained the wooden floor murky red. Milo, rather crestfallen, sent a huge blast of energy my way. Normally an attack like that would leave me unconscious, but The Collective's power was still in my veins. I sent up my hand and deflected the energy blast. I sent a finger to Milo, yelling, "Fletch Flamma!" A flaming arrow shot out my finger, and pierced the yellowish skin between Milo's bulging eyes. The carnage of both of my offenses lied around my feet. Luckily the girl was in the closet, and could not see the bloody entrails which covered the ground. I grabbed her hand, stepped over the two dead men, and led the poor girl out of the room.

As I was leaving, I saw Milo's neck.

A single green crystal hung off his neck.

I could see my face through the crystal.

I was betrayed.

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