O Lady of the Night

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Poem about the Lady of the Night

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



O Lady of the night, why do you stray from my bequest of desire?
For I, your lover, see that which you veil and hide from the world, you need not hide anymore.
It is I who kisses you both here, and there, with passion worthy of God, and it is I with whom you belong.
And though you may age, and your colour shall fade as the leaves of summer's fall.
I shall see beyond the window that blocks your unworthy suitors, and bring about the sun so that you may bloom once more.
I see how the shadows have become your home, and the cobs fall upon you like curtains, but it is the candle of your love that betrays you.
It calls to me as a siren to a passing lover, it turns the trees to bow, and relinquishes the envious moon for the worthy sun.
And when I answer, I find that I am but a sheep, lured to a trap by the devious wolf, whose razored fangs form the smile that I adore.
But if opposites attract, then it is in you that I have found my mate, for I am the pebble that obscures your gaze from the diamond.
And if the pebble is the moon, it is with I that you shood lay, so as to witness the magnificence of awaking to see the sun.
The seasons will change, rain turns to snow, and grey turns blue and white, but my love will always stay.  It will brave the winter and welcome summer's return.
And I shall not dry my shoulder, for every tear that falls is a scorn that I have inflicted on you, and why I shall never be worthy of your love.
But Know that it is I, your one true love, who will love you forever more. And for every fragment of my soul that you take, strectch out your hand and place it in the sky.  Then the stars themselves will spell out my love.
You are my one, my only, my all. 

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