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Love is an ocean with depths unseen, we must plunge into this ocean and pray for the best

Submitted: July 25, 2008

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Submitted: July 25, 2008



below me, to the depth of such a blue I stared

each gentle lapping of every wave taunting

would he, the ever gentle, the ever soft spoken, the forever "he"

truly be there?

swallowed in such a blue


oh, so long he has been waiting

if he were truly there

and if the blue proved chilling, numbing to innocent flesh

would he, the ever protective, the ever my saviour , the forever "he"

bring warmth with only a touch

calm my shivers with his very touch


indeed he would

if he were truly there

a drastic decision to be made

I've brought my soul with no armour

my body bare

I am naked

the breeze so roughly carressing each breast

I will fall

I make no feeble claims

I shall plunge into this blue

if he were truly there

I slip a toe..

yes, I dare a chance

I slip a toe to feel such darkness

and the scream dies in my throat

I am pulled

forcefully pulled

I thrash in terror

I am pulled down....

it seems to never end

I can not breath

there is no gasp

nothing to escape my lungs

he, the ever sought, the ever desired, the ever gone "he"

is not here, truly not here

but only I, and I alone

only I, and my ever lasting nightmare

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