A Chance (poem)

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An uplifting story of a boy who wishes for just a chance to love the girl he's loved for so long.

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013




A Chance


I try but it’s so hard not to stare

At the beauty in your long brown hair.

When you’re away, I hope to soon be there.

To tell you about how much I care.


Your heart’s so sweet, your soul so kind.

Always there to give me peace of mind.

Only through you, my true self I find.

And through your love, my heart you signed.


Wishing you would see the same in me

Wishing you would turn around and see

And take with you my heart’s golden key.

Just give me a chance to make it be.


Though you’ve pulled me up and down,

When I’m with you I never frown.

For you I’d make the world go round.

Until the day I’m in the ground.


And every time I see you smile

You take away any feeling of vile.

You give me happiness for more than a while

And to see you I’d travel every last mile.


Often I wish that you were near

If only to come and hold me dear

For you to come calm every fear

And even stop every last tear.


Even when I wanted to hide

You were right there at my side

Running to me with arms open wide

There to be a friendly guide.


Even when on my own I fend

You’re there with a love that never bends.

I wish our time together would never end

And to my heart you’d always tend.


Just give me a chance to love you

And promise you’ll love me too.


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