Chasing - Poem

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A cry for all people searching for love....

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013




Chasing what's not there

Chasing what's not mine

Chasing without a care

Chasing what I'll never find


At least that's how I feel

Each day I walk alone

Wondering if it's real,

A love to call our own.


How many times will you tell me

That God has a master plan.

It's all his perfect timing

Just let him take your hand.


Well finally I'm sick of this

This game He likes to play

Enough of stupid games and tricks

Bring something that will stay


Because I've seen just enough tears

To want to try again

When it's true that year after year

My heart has yet to mend.


What is it I'm chasing?

Is it really there to find?

My heart just won't stop racing

Scared it won't just 'happen in time.'


Well this is it, I'm telling you

I'm done waiting around

Finally accepting the bitter truth

It's just not there to be found.


If it always 'wasn't meant to be,'

Why should I even try?

Well if you won't give love to me

At least won't you tell me why?

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