Dependency by Thomas Kutz

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This is an account of the ability love has to draw one to another and create a dependency that creates an unhealthy relationship, a trap into which many fall. The volta towards the end of the piece shows how dependency on others for love can be shifted to God to help heal. If you're not a spiritual person, then at least try to relate to the beginning.

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013






“Lean on me,” she always cried.

Each time it made me feel better inside.

“I’m here for you,” she always said.

“I love you,” cried a voice inside my head.


“Whatever you need, any day or night,

I’ll be here to calm your fright.”

There she was and did my fear cease.

Her presence always put me at peace.


And when on my pillow my head did lay

Her voice of reason helped me through the fray.

I felt so safe when she was there

But I didn’t know she was the reason for my despair.


Each day I searched for what could bother me

In hopes that each night she’d set my problems free.

And every day I was troubled more.

Yet I turned away from each open door.


For months I longed for only her.

She swept me away in her splendor.

So I gave in and leaned on only she.

And she was the only way to make me happy.


She filled a hole inside my heart.

In her I found my missing part.

O what an unhealthy dependency

But how I needed her security.


Never once did she make me cry

Until the day we said goodbye.

Then I learned her love was a lie.

And it was her that made me want to die.


Finally came months on my own.

But without her I felt less alone.

For now I can be patient with love.

And ignore an ever tempting shove.


Now I finally stand on my feet

Without the pressure of her heat.

Now God fills the hole in all that I do.

I’m dependent on Him, and my life is new.

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