Longing For Clear

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An account of the fears of an unknown future has on someone with his whole life in front of him.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013




Longing for Clear


A cloud of muddy water crowds me here

I see, but I can't get to the water that's clear. 

It's on the other side, but I'm lost in my fear. 

But I pray God would come and hold me near. 


I wander like a fish being blown down stream

Going through life without making a gleam. 

Going through life without a seam

In need of a never ending support beam. 


I imagine what could be my fate

Living in this world of hate. 

Hoping one day to find Heaven's gate

A day for which I cannot wait. 


Hoping the road would open for me

Open up so I could finally see

See the world where I want to be

Where I can finally feel like I'm free. 


Through the woods I draw my bow

Stepping through but with no place to go. 

Looking to see how I can grow

Into the person I one day wish to know. 


Wandering into the open space

Hoping for a new time and place

Hoping for a change of pace

Hoping God would look upon my troubled face. 


I bow to pray as I close my eyes

Pray for God to clear the skies

Clear them and save me from my demise

So above these afflictions I may rise. 


Though I deserve your condemnation

Your love flows with an open invitation

Finally I've had a revelation

To accept you, the Lord of all creation


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