Loving You by Thomas Kutz

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Everyone has loved and lost, and everyone has the one that got away.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013




Loving You


One can learn the horrors of,

This scary game that we call love.

One can learn and hope to find,

The person who occupies his or her mind.


Occupying thoughts and dreams and hearts,

But comes the dagger that rips it all apart. 

One can hope the remaining scar

Won't cause an infection to spread too far. 


For the rest of time it represents a night.

A night when a dream of love failed to take flight. 

Days on end of loving you

Makes it hard to make it through. 


Thinking back it's bittersweet

Your presence once made me complete. 

But now it's no more

And in sight there is no open door. 


Though I gave you my life

Your rejection pierces like a knife. 

Bringing from my heart endless blood

Pouring out like an endless flood. 


Losing a part of me that anyone can see

Making an open hole below that only widows know. 

And going on each day,

I wish there was more I could say


But one thing remains true

I will always remember you. 

For though my heart you truly broke

From the darkness I awoke.


Now I have to put aside what I've yearned

And find in this something I've learned. 

There's still nothing I can do.

It's impossible to get over you. 


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