My Captive Soul Set Free

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Set as a young boy whose heart is occupied by a girl he loves, he sets out on a journey to be set free, and he has found just where that can happen.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013




My Captive Soul Set Free


It's what I want but not what I need. 

And I realize my heart will never be freed. 

Freed from this cage of love's fair wrath

With no escape from the smallest of paths. 


My soul held captive to a beautiful heart

One that completes me in every single part. 

But I dare not chase it nor do I wonder

For that heart’s the one that made mine asunder. 


I stare at these walls that hold me in

And wonder when this love will finally begin. 

Hoping and praying that it would last

Not realizing I was holding on to the past. 


I see the light in the free world 

Where I can try to find the perfect girl. 

But I'm too scared to try to escape

Fearing that only a fool I would make. 


There was safety in holding on inside

When in this heart I did solely confide. 

But the safety is coming down to the end

And with nothing but fear I'm left to fend. 


Yet a feeling deep down tells me it's okay

Because perhaps God doesn't want it any other way. 

But I'm stupid to think I know His plan

After all, I'm merely a man. 


It doesn't change the feeling that I'm trapped

Feeling like there’s no turning back. 

But even though I know it's best

I don't want to accept the end of this quest. 


Though barreling through worked to no avail

And tunneling out was marked up as a fail.

I still see light above this cage

A light that shouts, "Come and be saved!"


It's Jesus calling out my name

And freeing me from all my pain.

My captive soul has been set free

And I'll finally live the life God's planned for me. 


I fell to grace blinded by love. 

I just focused my eyes above. 

It's everyone's gift and it holds true. 

No matter what, it'll always be there for you. 

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