Surrender (poem)

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The first poem I wrote that inspired me to write more, Surrender is a work of testimony of the healing power of Jesus Christ and the power of surrendering one's self to Him.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013






The blood seeps out of my overwhelming wounds

Hope fills my soul that the pain will be over soon.

But I try to go on with a broken heart

Ignoring that it has been pierced by a dart. 


A glimmer of light enters a dark cave

A voice of peace called me to be saved.

But I turned my head and refused the light

And I returned once again to the darkness of my night. 


Though I turned, I was unaware

It was the thought of being alone that I could not bear.

I longed for love from only one

Yet in that moment my fighting had just begun.


A prince of peace appeared to me

The light of life I chose not to see.

Why, O why do I reach for a knife?

Why do I ignore the happiness of life?


Or am I mistaken and I shall live alone?

With a deep, dark wish that at me one will cast a stone?

A way out I want, but what is it I need?

Perhaps a path for Jesus to lead.


I cried and I pleaded my life's just too rough.

But Jesus said to me, "My love is good enough."

I tried and I tried but I could not comprehend

With God above, I will always have a friend.


But not me, not me, O how I cried

But Jesus came over me and made my fear subside.

He opened my eyes and made me no longer blind

In Him, in Him, what Love did I find!


Unending love, amazing grace!

My anguish relieved from upon my face.

In his love, I shall not budge

Not once at all till the day he comes to judge.


O, glorify Him in all that I do!

Praise God, Praise God, for His love tis true!

It's so much more than only me and you.

Through Jesus Christ, my life is new.

© Copyright 2017 thomaskutz. All rights reserved.

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