The Guilt of What's Best

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Most break-up poems are written from the one whose heart is broken by another and is the victim of a break-up. What this poem does is shows the reverse side of things. The emotion that can be felt from breaking up with someone because it's what's best can often be as overwhelming as the emotion of actually being broken up with.

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013




Guilt of What's Best


Just when steady came to my heart

Then came what tore it all apart.

Losing what began to put me at peace.

Hoping I’d learn to let it be.


But it’s too late to fix what’s already been done.

And all I can see is the smoke from this gun.

The gun of my actions which made you cry.

The smoke of the tears yet to run dry.


And all of it’s my fault.

Please just put it on me.

Let me life my life in guilt

And set your burdened soul free.


It’s what I deserve

Maybe it’s what I need.

To suffer like you have

For the result of my deeds.


It makes me sick

To think that I hurt you.

It makes me cry

To know there’s nothing I can do.


I just wish

It didn’t have to be this way.

But I know

There is just no other way.


When the future comes

We’d have to let go.

And be content

Knowing we helped each other grow.


Even with that it’s still hard to live

Hoping now that myself I can forgive.

While you say you have forgiven me

My heart still lives in captivity.

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