Uncertainty (poem)

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A battle between the promises of God's word and the uncertainty our hearts provide to Him, which ultimately ends with His victory.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013






Your promises remain but my heart’s unsure.

Uncertain of the purpose of my life anymore.

Everything I do feels like such a waste.

Is there a reason that I’m still in this place?


You say this pain will make me stronger,

But I wonder if it must go on any longer.

Life is hard when you feel so blind

And it brings so many troubles I find.


I want to trust you, but it’s so hard

To let go of it all and let down my guard

But it doesn’t feel as though it can get any better.

As I live weighed down by this constraining fetter.


A weight that carries all my sin

And holds back all my pain within.

And what lays the anguish upon my face

Lord, wash it away into a sea of grace.


Help me see the battle is won

And capture my sin on the cross with your son.

Pick up my head and let my heart see

That you, my God, died for me.


Help me see the only love

The love that waits with a home above

Satisfy my heart, my mind, and soul.

In your presence, LORD, make me whole.


It scares me not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

But I know you’ll be there through everything.

I am surely scared but I know deep inside

That with you, my God, there is no need to hide.


So here I am, on my knees.

Praying, Oh Lord, you will come to me.

Showing me, God, all that I can be

And that through the body of Christ, I am set free.

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