Wandering (free verse)

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Experimenting with free verse, this is an extended metaphor. I hope you are able to follow what it is it symbolizes.

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013






A fortress of trees encloses the forest

Walls that go on for miles

A boy stuck in the midst of all of it

Lost, and completely scared.

He scatters frantically for a moment

Then realizes there’s nowhere to run

So he stops to catch his breath by a stump

Unsure of where he is

A minute ago it seemed he was home

Happily occupied by his father

But he thought he could do better on his own

So he decided he would leave.

He wandered out the gate of the house

And into the world around him
It wasn’t long till he ended up here

And not sure of how he arrived

Nor did he know his way back

No path appeared to show him home

Just trees, plants, and silence.

He looked to the sky where he might see the sun

But night had fallen upon him

So he wandered around for a bit

And he looked for a place to camp

But he found no place that was cozy enough

So he kept wandering hoping he’d be able to leave.

He peered to find the top of a tree

But a top he did not fine

A thick trunk intimidated him as he stepped back

He decided not to climb or even look anymore

And he gave up altogether

He fell to the ground thinking he’d catch some slumber

But what he found was far from a dream

And his slumber didn’t last.

He wasn’t dreaming when he looked up

And saw a tree come tumbling down

A blaze of fire was working its way towards him

He tried to think of how to put it out

But all he could do was run

Afraid his end might be met on this night.

He ran and he ran and ran ill he made his way to a hole in a tree

He huddled himself inside until safely he could sit

Safely he thought at first, which is why he went to that tree

A tree that had a familiar feeling, like he had been there before.

He waited there for a while and peeked left and right

Thinking it was safe, he crawled outside the hole

He didn’t see the fire, so he walked a little ways

Still searching for a path home, he tired through the night.

He thought he’d rest till morning and go on some more from there.

He leaned his back against a stump and settled down to sleep

But when he woke he discovered, it wasn’t quite morning.

He thought the sun soon would rise, so he decided to start walking.

But as time passed and the day went on, only darkness found him.

It must be the trees, he thought, that’s the only explanation.

The light can’t find him in the forest, so he’d have to do without.

And day after day he went through the motions, walking all around

But week after week what he didn’t find was a way home like he wanted.

Finally he gave up, he said what’s the point?

He knew he couldn’t live forever, maybe it was his time.

Just as he thought this as he walked, he heard a noise behind him.

He turned and looked and what he saw gave him quite a fright.

A vicious beast stand before him now, a death-striped tiger.

And as he stood in his presence, he froze in the moment.

He tried to handle it himself by shooing it away.

But the tiger only got more mad and hungry and let out a roar.

Please don’t hurt me, he cried! I don’t mean any harm

But the tiger didn’t care, a prey was all he wanted.

As the tiger pushed the ground with his paw, preparing to attack,

The boy cried out in hope and fear, “Dear God, don’t let me die!”

Just then the sun shone through the trees, and a bird came swooping in.

It screeched at the tiger in front of the boy, and away, away it went.

The bird flew away, and as the boy watched, he saw below it a path.

So he followed it to see where it would lead, and hope it’d bring him home.

He followed the bird for miles and recognized his way.

And still the bird flew overhead, while the boy continued home.

The bird called out when he returned, and he heard a trumpet sound.

There at the gate to his home, his father waited happily.

He threw his arms out and the boy ran to him, embracing for a hug.

He said, “I’m sorry I wandered off, father, please welcome me home.”

And the father did as the boy asked, but he did so much more.

The boy walked inside and was greeted by a joyful party of guests.

All his family and friends before had waited for his return.

His father turned and said, “My boy, how about something to eat?”

And with a smile, the two walked on, into the hall to dine.

A calf for dinner for all who were there, a celebration of return.

The boy’s regret for wandering off, stayed for just a moment.

Then his father said to him, “Son, I’m glad you’re home.”

Amazed at how he welcomed him, the boy was at first unsure.

But seeing the way his father loved him, showed home he was wanted.

And so it was, the boy welcomed home, by all those who loved him.

And not again though would he care to leave his Father’s home again.


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