What Tomorrow Will Bring

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A poetic account of nervous thoughts about what the future will bring.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013




What Tomorrow Will Bring


Clouds above loom ominous and dark

Holding up the journey on which I am about to embark

What once was clear is now uncertain

And I often question what's behind the curtain


I do not know the road that lies ahead

Nor do I know when I won't make it out of bed. 

I have no choice but to look above

And ask God to bring me a peaceful dove. 


For with the chilling wind comes a storm

But I long to find someplace warm. 

I sit in the cold and watch and wonder

But soon I hear another roll of thunder. 


Now I live endlessly in the shadow of dismay

And the skies above are painted eternally gray. 

I wonder what this sign could mean

As I long for the blue skies I once had seen. 


But then I remember what the gospel said

And with its truths I fill my head.

I look to the horizon and then I know

That light will come to me here below.


It doesn't matter what troubles life brings

It only matters to God with praises we sing. 

For your future don't long too much

But focus instead on God's loving touch. 


And what will come no one does know

But in God's hands I let it all go. 

Too long I've searched to find a wife

But now to God I turn my life. 


It doesn't matter what is life's length

Because in Him, I have found my strength. 

For here on earth I have nothing to gain

But in Heaven above God will forever reign. 


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