The Phlox Garden (Excerpt)

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An excerpt from my book 'Blue Cloaks'. Just a short, cute piece of writing. Criticisms welcomed. Cheers.

Submitted: August 13, 2013

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Submitted: August 13, 2013



Beautiful zinnia blooms had begun to appear in the small garden that had been created atop the great archway of Merkk. Small patches of the scarlet flowers were surrounded in a lavender sea of phlox petals gorgeously. It almost seemed like a fine piece of art, as carefully decided as a painting that had been a lifetime in the making. The archway adjoined to the midsection’s of two separate towers of the city, a long rectangular walkway serving as the ultimate ceiling for the arch. Intricately detailed, the convex angles grew from the lengths of the two buildings and reached upwards, creating the arch to walk atop. The small red and purple flowers followed the perimeter of this rectangular platform that acted as the walkway between the two buildings.

A light, swaying wind tossed the end of Sabine’s dress playfully. Her legs swung precariously from the edge of the arch as she sat fearlessly atop a grey cinder block that broke one of the lengths of flowers. The block was used to conceal an aqueduct that ran around the garden, hydrating the plants and soil alike. Her red dress flickered gently, creasing loudly in the dim wind.

Quietly she sat atop the grand archway, the breeze tickling her toes as they swayed easily fifteen stories above the ground. Daphne and Bentley sat quietly on a nearby wooden bench. Their inaudible conversation drifted from the shadows of the north building and entwined itself into the chirping pantomimes of the passing tigerbirds softly.

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